Thought Transferred to Action

As the mind of Christ overtakes us, we, the beloved of Christ ,rest in thoughts of Him alone. Thoughts find their real value in the actions of our life. Without the transition of thought to action, how is Christ revealed? A revelation takes an uncovering, as a seed thought breaks through the ground of faith to bear life above. Here in this portion, she, who was beloved of God, was resting in the comfort of her thoughts. She had settled into the satisfaction of all she had been given by her Beloved. With the gift, comes the commission of presentation. We are called to give, withholding nothing but the right of being possessed by God. It is imperative to realize that through possessing nothing, we are possessed by One who possesses all things. We obtain without thought of possession so that we may give all.

Though she was dwelling with Him in thought, she was not attuned to His heart. There would have been no differentiation in their choice for that moment if the oneness of their union was in experience. She was not instant in her response. It grieves Christ when He ministers directly and we delay our obedience. Seek the Lord while He may be found. Call upon Him when He is near. A delay will increase and intensify a tendency to do as one wants with the exclusion of humility to His call. Though she was occupied for God, she wasn’t occupied with God. Her comforting thoughts for God brought a delay toward the constraining love of God.

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