Thoughts of Heaven

Thinking about heaven should motivate us to stay fervent. In heaven, we will be with all of God’s precious saints. We will meet our precious loved ones who have gone home before us and enjoy our families forever.

There is not a Christian I know who doesn’t get homesick for heaven as he grows older. It’s not that we want to leave just to get out of the mess down here. We want to live on earth with Christ; yet, we have a desire for heaven.

Once we are saved, our purpose is to reveal Christ on earth. By God’s design, we were made to reign forever in heaven. Our new life is from heaven. Right thoughts are from heaven. Our conversation is in heaven. Our prayers are through Christ, who is in heaven. Our faith and hope are from heaven. Heaven is our provision.

We were designed to leave these bodies of weariness, sickness, disease, and death as we are being made ready for heaven.

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