Three Days from Egypt

God has a plan, and Satan has a challenge. God has a purpose, and Satan has a proposal to keep you from that purpose. God has a life, and all Satan has is bondage. God is a friend, and Satan is a taskmaster. God wants to bring His people out, but Satan does not want to lose his hold. Many people willingly proclaim by their rebellion that they have an alliance with the devil. If people think they are getting away with something when they do not yield their heart inwardly to the government of God, they are not.

Pharaoh will, through taskmasters, make your life in Egypt very hard if you stay there. God sent Noah before the flood. God sent Enoch and Elijah before judgment. God sent prophets before Israel went into captivity. Mercy comes before wrath trying to keep you from facing wrath without mercy. Accept the provision of grace now instead of giving a place to the devil. God gave Pharaoh an opportunity to let the people go, just as God gives us, through the initiation of the Word, an opportunity to cast down bondage and come out from under our Pharaoh.

It is no longer a matter of us battling with our Pharaoh. It is a matter of us yielding to God and allowing Him to bring us into resurrection separation, three days from Egypt. Have life out of death, liberty out of bondage, forgiveness out of sin, and peace instead of judgment-resurrection separation.

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