Through His Poverty

God’s grace reaps where we do not sow. Grace violates all normal laws of reaping. Abraham did not sow righteousness, but he received Isaac, the promise of God that revealed the substance of God’s love through faith. Jacob reaped Numbers 23:21 though he did not sow it. Mary who had seven demons (Luke 8:2) spent much time with Christ and served Him. She wanted to be with Him all the time, and she was the first there at the resurrection. She reaped what she did not sow. It is amazing that though the thief on the cross mocked Jesus, just before death he asked for and received forgiveness.

The thief reaped what he did not sow. The grace of God gives us what we do not deserve. Thousands and thousands are in Heaven in the glory of God’s presence, every one of them reaping what they did not sow. God has laid aside the immutable, irrevocable law of sowing and reaping. In redemption, when we stand by grace in total helplessness, we reap what we did not sow. Just by saying, “Lord, save me,” we reap what we did not sow, and the same grace that allows us to reap starts abounding toward us.

Jesus Christ knew no sin, but He did all that the Father said, and He did not need grace. When our sins were upon Him, though He was rich in a perfect life, He became poverty-stricken and God allowed Him to die, that through His poverty without grace we could become rich in grace.

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