Tribulation Without Cause

Satan has nine categorical temptations that go against the fruit of the Holy Spirit. His first attack is with fear to cast out love. We think Satan's projected thoughts, we confess them and then they come upon us through the natural law of sowing and reaping (Galatians 6:7). Satan allows the natural law to finish off his supernatural attack. Satan resists love with fear. Man receives love, but Satan says, "Do not trust God, He will hurt you without cause." Satan wanted Job to be insecure toward the plan of God, which had love as its cause, and then to choose to walk in the security of sight and feelings. Satan wanted Job to fear God's cause and God wanted to use Job as a mighty showcase of His cause.

A mind that receives love does not care what happens to its possessions because it is possessed by love. Even though we are challenged and tested, the loss of possessions should never bring confusion.

Think of the thrill it brings to God when we are persecuted without cause and we live in first-class faith. We are a showcase of grace that threatens the kingdom of darkness. Grace allows God to use us though we do not know why. Grace on our part toward God will allow God to use us as a showcase in tribulation when we have done nothing to deserve it. Our grace toward God is responding to God's love toward us in grace. We will be called upon to reveal God's grace and confuse the enemy's order of disorder.

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