True Imaginations

The human mind is a marvelous creation of God. The “darkroom of the soul,” the mind contains a great capacity to generate powerful visual impressions and what we call imagination. Satan desires to manipulate our imagination by projecting ungodly images to subvert our thought processes.

For this reason, the mind is also a battleground. Christians must understand the power of imaginations and learn how to bring them under the Holy Spirit’s control through the Word of God. He is challenging us to enter into godly discipline so we will have discernment. Remember, we are living in the last days.

Make sure that this doctrine is as clear as a bell in your mind. This is divine psychology-a study of the mind from God’s viewpoint. Do not live in projections, intimidation, or the condemnation of the old sin nature. Rather, receive divine healing for your soul and divine inspiration that produces health to your bones, stability for your mind, and soundness in your heart.

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