True Success through Mercy

Mother Teresa, a magnificent servant of God, took care of many poor and diseased children and adults. She met with presidents, kings, and statesmen who were decked out in crowns, jewels, and fine clothing. One of these dignitaries said to her, "It must be very discouraging to be in a ministry that is not successful. You are always poor, and you always have more and more people to serve. You really have nothing."

Mother Teresa simply answered, "God didn't give me a ministry to be successful, He gave me a ministry of mercy." Then she said that she never starts out a day without an imparted attitude of faith in Christ. "I know He is always with me and always blessing me in every place, though I am an unworthy servant."

Oh, how God's people need to be filled with His Spirit, so that whatsoever we do, in word or deed, we would do it heartily, to glorify God, giving thanks to Him through Jesus Christ.

Real Christianity is an attitude that believes that through joy, abiding, and meditation, God keeps us. We truly can live moment by moment without falling into sin, iniquity, or the temptations of Satan. We have a power within us that will make us witnesses for God in the angelic conflict.

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