Truth or the Spirit in Truth

Our capacity for power is in direct proportion to the faith that the Word of God produces in our lives. We can obey the letter of the Word and yet not live in the Word. We can serve one another and yet not be in submission to God because we are not serving in the love life of God’s grace through obedience. Our obedience is more than keeping the letter; it is being kept in submission that we may serve a living God. Many people obey the truth of the Word, but never follow the execution of the plan of the Word through the Spirit.

Obedience to the letter may keep a life from overt sin, but it is through faith that comes by hearing that we are inwardly transformed. Many are so transfixed by keeping the condition of their own spirituality that they never hear the Word of God. The Word lives only when it is spoken from the mouth of God.

Some people spend a lifetime without God’s faith because they never truly hear the Word. Without the faith of Christ, they never can execute anything without evidence, so they spend a Christian lifetime confined to the limitations of what they see. They speak the Word in confession, and yet they never hear the Word of conversion. They grow stagnate in the place that the letter brings them, never realizing the voice that speaks from Heaven. They are blinded to the single eye of a living faith, which is directed and executed by He Who is the Word of God in the flesh.

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