Unchanging Truth, Abundant Life

Jesus Christ is the unchanging Truth. Man will change. Man will misinterpret and misappropriate truth. Man will lie about the truth because of his lifestyle. Jesus Christ is the Truth. And the truth leads to emancipation. Oh, thank God, the truth sets us free!

But there is one more thing: Jesus Christ is the Life. He said, "I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." He doesn't just give us a little of His life-He gives it abundantly.

The way of reconciliation gives peace with no barriers. The truth emancipates us from the law of sin and death. It sets us free from fear, insecurity, and stress. Christ's life gives us joy, peace, power, and a living faith in the living God to mobilize and motivate our heart, soul, mind, and spirit.

An abundant life means participation in the very nature of God. As we participate in Christ's life and the filling of the Holy Spirit, the wealth and riches of the Word of God begin to take over the soul. We become partakers of heaven's vision, participating in the purpose of God in the Person of Christ.

We can participate in the provision of Calvary, reaching young people and adults and making an impact on the world.

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