Unconditional Life with No Conditional Changes

If you lost all you had that was precious, would you be motivated before anything was restored? If you take certain things away from certain people, you find that they hold only conditional qualities of peace and joy. You should not have to have one single thing to make you happy. If you have conditional happiness, it will be revealed when God changes your conditional situation to an unconditional one. When the man in 2 Kings 4 died, he left his family in conditional circumstances. He, being dead, was in an unconditional state where he could not change their conditions. Get to know God unconditionally when your needs are not met. The devil may accuse and say you owe something to the situation; but if you live in an unconditional state of death, the Cross has taken away your ability to pay the devil’s wages. God’s instruction to the woman in 2 Kings, who was supposed to pay a bill, was that she go and borrow as many vessels as she could find. Though her conditions did not change, God told her to minister the life that was not affected by conditions. She borrowed all the empty vessels in the neighborhood and filled them with her small supply of oil. This refers to triggering off the flow of life with our own meager supply. For those who had needs worse than hers, she borrowed them from their conditions by imparting to them the unconditional Throne experience of victory.

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