Unconditional Winner

What happens to so many believers who come to know Christ and know He has paid it all? They allow unconditional love to be resident, but they do not cultivate it or bring additions to their life through it. That is, they do not cultivate love into reproduction. Situations then reveal their knowledge of love but the barrenness of their expression. They say they know how it should be, but they still cannot make it. They have never learned to win Christ unconditionally in a situation. So many perhaps can win conditionally through knowledge and therefore declare some type of victory. Their declared state of success, though, in actuality is only the outcome of conditions in the situation that give them a peaceful state where they can declare some kind of stance. If we cannot win Christ in every situation, then our love is residential and not experiential. We may be saved by Christ but we have not won Him.

God does not want us to use the ministry of grace as a provision for our flesh when the flesh has been crucified through the teaching of the ministry. By grace we can live by every Word of God. If we do not experience the Lord Jesus through grace while in grace by grace, we are making a provision to live without experiencing grace. Grace is to give us unmerited favor to live in the power of Christ. If we have the truth, it is not enough. We must have the power of the truth in order to allow Christ’s adequacy to more than conquer for us in every situation.

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