Understanding Grace

The processes we go through in the journey of grace teach us to be conformed to the image of the Son through the inner working of God’s government in theantric action-the Trinity controlling the soul through positive volition toward God’s grace provisions. God’s provision for every single detail of our lives is always grace. He can never deal with man apart from grace.

There are pastors from other churches who are in touch with our ministry frequently. They listen to our tapes and preach from some of our booklets. Though they have preached the Gospel, many have never before understood grace.

So many Christians live in ruptured or disconnected relationships because they do not understand grace. As a pastor, I don’t understand it the way I should. When I preach a message on grace, I’m just like a little kid! I feel like I still don’t know grace while at the same time I’m enjoying it and applying it. I want grace to teach me to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts and to live quietly and biblically in this present evil world.

Grace is the greatest teacher of holiness and practical righteousness for our human experience that we will ever have.

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