Greater Grace World Outreach is continuing to pursue a thorough and independent investigation and assessment related to the sexual assault allegations. We are currently in the process of drafting a letter of engagement with a firm which has come highly recommended to us by advocates for sexual assault survivors. We will provide a complete update regarding the firm, scope and anticipated work product as soon as these steps have been finalized, which we anticipate being within one month.

We understand that a transparent, honest accounting of the facts is critical for several reasons:

· It is imperative that GGWO is better prepared to both prevent and respond to sexual assault and predatory behavior, and we cannot learn if we are not willing to seek out and submit to the truth diligently and humbly.

· We believe that our God is a God of justice and truth – that we are called to bring darkness and evil into the light. An independent assessment and public report is a foundational step in following these commands.

We also know that it is not enough merely to uncover facts. We must also show Christ’s love and ministry to all, and especially to those who have been wounded by the crime and sin of sexual abuse. An independent assessment is a first step only.

In addition to pursuing an investigative firm for an independent assessment, we have also engaged Rachael Denhollander, a nationally known victim advocate and educator, as an independent consultant to help us navigate the many facets of the journey we are on.

Our goal is to honor God in all that we do, knowing that God delights in truth in the inner parts and to bring light into dark places. As always, please continue to pray for us and to intercede for God’s healing and reconciling power.

– The Elders of Greater Grace World Outreach

Thomas Schaller | Steven Scibelli | John Love | Glen Cannon | John Hadley | Kim Shibley | Bruce Wright | Gary Groenewold | Mark Minichiello | Robert Colban | Jim Hadley


To our Congregation, to Parents, Staff, Friends, and Families,

Most of you are likely aware of reports in recent weeks involving accusations and accounts of sexual abuse in our church’s history. As a church staff and community of Believers, our hearts are grieved at the thought that anyone who was ever a part of this church could have been a victim of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse of anyone–especially children–is sinful, abhorrent, and reprehensible. Period.

We are committed to addressing this situation, hearing from victims and/or their families, and ensuring we have the safest environment possible to minister to adults and children. The Church will hire a nationally recognized, independent firm with expertise in dealing with sexual abuse, to conduct a thorough investigation and assessment of Greater Grace World Outreach. 

This firm will have wide latitude to do its work in a thorough, objective, and unbiased way. They will provide a comprehensive assessment of how this church has responded to such cases, and especially how we have listened to and cared for victims. This firm will then conduct a detailed critique of our culture, policies, processes, and practices. We intend to hire a firm in the next several weeks.

We expect this assessment to take six months or more and ask for your prayers during this process. We’d also ask for your patience, as we will not be able to provide additional information about this matter while this work is ongoing. Once this process is concluded and we receive a full report, we commit to be transparent about the findings and about any work we need to do to ensure a safe environment for all our families in the future. This is a serious matter, and we are seeking God’s wisdom and His heart, grace, and mercy. 

We ask that you pray with us during this process, and especially for those who have been victims of sexual abuse in our church, and that this process would be helpful in their healing. 

– The Elders of Greater Grace World Outreach

Thomas Schaller | Steven Scibelli | John Love | Glen Cannon | John Hadley | Kim Shibley | Bruce Wright | Gary Groenewold | Mark Minichiello | Robert Colban | Jim Hadley