Vainglory or Christ?

If we provoke and envy, then we communicate the system of vainglory in which we are inhabiting. The system of insecurity that we inhabit, because we lack liberty, delivers us into an emotionally sick, mentally weak and childish habitation, living under a curse. The law plagues our mind. We have knowledge of sin. We see others and compare them with ourselves. We rejoice in their failure and we envy their success. We imagine in our spare moments our gain because of our achievements. We imagine how others look upon us and mount up with the wings of self-esteem and vainglory.

The substance of Jesus Christ gives us liberty. This liberty gives us solid nerves and a mature mind. Rather than living in a fantasy world of imaginations revolving around self, we live with a life that reveals Christ. Once we have tasted Him, how can we find any other (John 6:68)? Love rejoices in the truth and not in iniquity. God consciousness occupies our soul through the breath of the Holy Spirit. Now Christ is our mind.

In our spare moments, reality is our occupation. When someone succeeds, rather than envy, we rejoice together in the same mind of victory imparted to all. Rather than provoking to discover weakness, to criticize, or magnify problems for the benefit of self-approval, we think no evil and cover a multitude of sins with love. This is liberty. Liberty is to live a full life, a life that is not our own-but His.

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