Victorious Words

All too often, a believer becomes the product of his negative confessions. When confronted with the opposition of a trial, he begins to operate in sight evaluation instead of responding by faith initiation. Thus, his vocabulary is characterized by words of disappointment and defeat. His confessions begin to magnify the impossible, as he becomes near-sighted to the faithful promises of God. Soon, this expression of negativity results in a lack of godly ambition and divine motivation.

When one’s expectations are from God (2), he often expresses words of victory despite an array of opposition. This is exemplified in II Chronicles 32:1-8 where the Assyrian army is ready to unfold an attack against King Hezekiah, who boldly spoke forth “comfortable words” unto the people. These words, in the Hebrew meaning, were words that “strengthened, refreshed and revived.” They were words of victory that encouraged the people to stand fast and prepare for battle. This divine confession kindled a fire of faith, for the people “rested themselves upon the words of Hezekiah, king of Judah” (2 Chronicles 32:8). That day, the Lord destroyed Assyria, and saved Hezekiah along with inhabitants of Jerusalem.

Today, our positive words of faith, in many cases, afford God the opportunity to conquer overwhelming opposition in our lives. Therefore, we will find that the measure we confess victorious words from heaven will be the measure we possess victories on earth.

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