Victory Parade

Every year on Good Friday, our 17 Greater Grace Churches in Mumbai target one area of our
city of 20 million and do a victory march on the street to tell the public the meaning of the

This past Good Friday, 250 church members gathered in Virar for the march. Virar is the location
where one of our men, Pastor Chandra, is beginning a new church. In three hours, we gave away
50,000 Gospel tracts. We had police protection and witnessed to those policemen as well as the

Out of that victory march came four families asking for Bible studies to be held in their homes.
This was the greatest reaction we had from any of our marches the last 10 years.

The Gospel at Work

Pastor Ganesh preached from the back of the truck and the praise band played with joy. Busy
streets and markets hushed in silent attention as Pastor Ganesh preached the Gospel for 15
minutes. Many raised their hands and prayed to receive Christ. Afterwards, the new believers
shook his hand and gave their contact numbers.

This area of Virar is just 15 minutes north of Nalasopara. Many of you have joined Bethany and
I as we have been helping the churches in this area. It was a growing experience for our
Nalasopara believers to participate in this bold evangelism activity with the larger spiritual

We had great Easter services with many new visitors from our victory march.

This was the last preaching station of the night, Pastor Ganesh preached his heart out with the Gospel.

In three hours, we gave away 50,000 Gospel tracts. Click To Tweet


Pastor Devendra also preached the Gospel very well. He pastors Greater Grace in an area called New Mumbai.


See all the hands raised of people praying to believe in Jesus next to the truck as Pastor Ganesh leads them.

— Doug and Bethany Pearson

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