Voices of Youth

I am currently sitting in the lobby of another Christian school in Budapest called ICSB (International Christian School of Budapest) chaperoning an event called Honors Choir where Christian students from all over Europe come together and sing at various venues every year. This is an Association of Christian Schools International event and the first one that I have attended. Greater Grace International School sent eight students, which is just a small percentage of the 100+ students that are here.

Unified Voices

I’m amazed to see all of these students come and be so unified in their purpose even though many of them have never met. Right now they are practicing a song about The Creation and they sound incredible. I love to hear these voices praising their Creator, not out of some religious duty, but simply for the joy of praising Him. There have been devotionals by different missionaries and team building exercises that have helped bond the students. I don’t know how many of these kids really understand what is happening but I am finally getting to see what ACSI is all about. They aren’t just coming together to sing, play sports or work on accrediting schools, they are expanding the connections in the global Body of Christ. I am staring at a room full of teenagers going forward with Christ and meeting other people their age. Click To TweetI am staring at a room full of teenagers going forward with Christ and meeting other people their age who are doing the same things they are doing. These are the times that make a difference, the times that change their lives, the times that stir them up to dive deeper into their calling. I’m so privileged to be a part of this.cook

An Eternal Impact

Please pray for the youth group, GGYG, that I am leading. I really want to have a greater influence in the school, for it to be so engrained in the culture that students don’t even think about coming, they just do. I don’t know how to accomplish this other than just asking for prayer about it. I think the one thing that kept me in church as a young person was going to Camp Life, Spring Rally, the Blitz, and the Teen Studies in Baltimore. Pastor Love and many others invested so much in me through these events and I want to share a part of that with the teens here.

-Jon Cook

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