Waiting Brings Strength

Waiting upon God is a very beautiful thing. It is beautiful to know that God does not grow weary, nor does He faint. He created all of the host of heaven, He designed our bodies and minds, and He offers us a supernatural impartation when we know how to wait upon Him.

When we first look at our circumstances, we may not want to wait upon God. But that is when we must recognize that we need our strength to be renewed-inwardly, outwardly, and upwardly-so we will not become weary or faint. Then we will carry on our duties with all the energy that God can supply. Next, we receive onward strength to continue in God's grace. Depression and anxiety will have no place, and God will be glorified!

So then, our strength is first renewed inwardly, then upwardly, as we mount up with wings as eagles. As we develop outward strength, we will run and not become weary. Finally, with onward strength, we will walk and not faint.

Inward, upward, outward, and onward-all of these strengths are ours when we wait upon God.

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