Walk the Right Way

A young boy stole a watch. He didn't have a very good vocabulary, but he was magnificent at manipulating the truth. So, when he had to go to court and face the judge, he did such a good job of lying that even though he was a suspicious character, the court could not find him guilty. The judge called the boy before the bench and explained to him the dangers of a life of lies and thievery, the importance of being honest and getting a good education, and that someday he was sure to be caught if he didn't change his ways. Then the judge looked him in the eye and said sternly, "You are exonerated."

The boy looked up, puzzled, and said, "What?" "You are exonerated!" the judge repeated. To that, the boy replied, "Does that mean I have to give the watch back?"

That was a funny story. But the truth is, if we do not choose the right way, we will walk in the wrong way.

Be encouraged today in the way of God. Let the Holy Spirit minister the truth to your heart. Stand firm on the old path that leads to eternal life. When Satan tells you to get out of the way, you can resist him by standing your ground.

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