Walk with God and Be Not

It is so easy to go through a valley and not walk through it, but sit down in it and be overcome with what the circumstance does. It is easy to get weary with God because of the intricate details of the plan and to resent the plan but still say you love God. You can’t enjoy God because the situation reveals to you something that takes up your attention more than God’s love as you go through it.

Believers have up-and-down experiences. The reason is that they are not consistent in understanding what it means to walk through until you end up as Enoch did, with God (Genesis 5:24). A believer should never stop walking through. People sit down and stop walking and the situation leaves its mark on them. In years to come, several similar situations produce a kind of line on the believer, an energized capacity to respond to certain stimuli in the same way. These believers do not know the preservation of God (Psalm 16:1). They live with divided hearts. Something new comes and they like it, but soon they get tired of the change. They live boring, non-creative, and uninspiring lives. They never give their full capacity to God, but they live without renouncing Adam’s natural pursuits. They end up with vacillation and retardation instead of receiving, experiencing, and giving life in God’s progressive opportunities as He makes Himself available to stimulate us into godly manhood or womanhood in life’s exchanges.

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