Walking in Victory

Joshua commanded his men to possess the land; God had given them a promise from His Word! Remember: Canaan is not heaven. It is a place of warfare.

We face this warfare with the risen Lord who has already defeated Satan. Because we are standing on an empty tomb, we stand in the victory of a risen Lord. The devil's grounds to hinder us are lies and the circumstances he arranges. We must stand against our feelings, Satan's cosmic system, his projections, and our subconscious thoughts in the flesh. These are our enemies. But we have a risen Lord! We are not working toward Calvary; we are walking from Calvary. The Cross is the place were Satan was defeated, and the Cross is the place where our battle in the flesh ends. We walk from Calvary in the victory of the risen Lord.

In the battles that we will go through and in the phenomenal strongholds we face in our Canaan, it is not God who drives the enemies out. We drive them out through the victory of the risen Lord.

Victory comes with my choices, my faith, and my meditation on the Word of God. We are in union with His victory, but we have to walk by faith in what He says about it! This is the key.

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