Walls of Doctrine

Too often, when trials come, Christians withdraw into emotionalism, sublimation, or human good in the old sin nature. But if the Word of God is dwelling in us richly, then whatever we do will be done to the glory of God.

Categorical doctrine is not merely knowledge, but it is the living Word circulating and becoming assimilated into each part of the soul. It forms a wall that protects our mind and emotions. Whatever happens to us, we will not internalize it-no matter how long, how serious, or how deep the trial.

A man who cannot rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, without walls to protect it from the attacks of the enemy. That is why we are to build walls of doctrine in our souls. Furthermore, doctrine in the soul results in a celebration during the trial. We can rejoice in tribulations and testings because we know there is a reason behind them.

Trials give God opportunities to use us as witnesses against Satan in his appeal case in the angelic contest. It is not that God does not love me or that I am being chastised. Just as it was with Joshua and with Job, my life is being used to reveal the character of Almighty God, which Satan cannot stand.

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