Water Every Moment

No one has ever had a bad moment without first living in the effects of a bad one. No one ever murmured without first giving place to a negative spirit. I give what I live in. If I live in the effects of myself, I will forfeit the mercy promised to me from God ( Jonah 2.23). Why should I be underprivileged when God has privileged me never to be under? Never give place to the moments that lead to the underprivileged state of unfruitfulness. Abound by the authority granted to you through redemption. Jesus never rested in Who He was, even though He was perfect. He rested in the love of the Father. He was never independent to live in the effects of bad moments even though, as God, He had that possibility. He lived in the privilege of power through the Word and the Spirit.

We rest in redemption. We will not live in the effects of our Adamic genealogy, the stimuli of the present atmosphere, the persuasions of certain personalities, or the conditions of particular situations. We are seen leaning upon our Beloved coming up out of the wilderness. Even though we have gained enough ground so we could rest in who we have thus far become, we must continually have the mind of a Levite. Our inheritance is not the land, it is God. Jesus never settled in His sinless life, but He followed the Father through faith.

Thank God for moments of life rather than the self-conceit of knowledge to give us un-ordained moments of death.

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