We Have Authority

Our God, the Lord Jesus Christ, who has dominion and authority from sea to sea, is the King. He gave His servant authority and dominion to be a watchman. And the same authority He gave to the Twelve over the devil and over the unclean spirits He has given to us (Luke 9:1; 10:19).

We have this indescribable authority, and each of us has the opportunity to fellowship without a root of bitterness or any other distraction from the enemy. Because Jesus said, "My little children, sin not," it is possible for a child of God not to sin. This is accomplished by choices, moment by moment.

Christians must understand that we have that authority through the power of love, the power of prayer, and the power of epieikes-mercy that excels any judgment that God could legitimately give us-because of our substitute, Christ.

In Nehemiah 9:37-38, because the nation of Israel kept sinning, their enemies took authority over their bodies. But God's people have authority over the works of the enemy; everything is under our feet. So many of God's children don't realize who they are. We often don't understand the life we have-the protection of walls of doctrine and God's glory in our midst.

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