What Do You Bear in the Valley?

The Bride has become just like her God, her Savior, because of what He has done and is doing. God thinks she is holy and perfect. The Bridegroom marvels at what He has produced, at what redemption has done for a weak person. There is the Bride within the veil, and the Lord loves her with no thought of sin or accusation. He has bought her and she is His Bride. The Holy Spirit did the conceiving, the regenerating, the bringing forth of life through the human capacity of response.

The Bride is the only one of her mother (Song of Solomon 6:9). She is a Finished Work lover. God is fellowshipping with the beauty of His own without sin with which to contend, without murmuring to repudiate, and without flaws magnified in her own confession. She is the choice one.

All others blessed her for what she had. When the Bride is in the valley, the fruit of love comes forth (Song of Solomon 6:11). It is fruit derived because of living in the veil. The Lord loves to go down to the valley and see the results of what He has done in humanity. He sees David in Psalm 23, He sees Abraham offer Isaac, He sees John praising Him on the Isle of Patmos. He goes in the valley. He sees Paul rejoicing and taking beatings. No matter what persecutions, financial trials, and errors come, the Bridegroom looks to see the life within the veil come forth. We are a terrible army, says the enemy, for nothing can remove us from the eternal gift. We have found mercy.

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