Where Will Humility Bring Us?

Christ was willing to be nothing so that the Father could be all. He accepted the Father’s plan to make Him nothing, so that He could experience the truth of the way the Father wanted to be made for all.

When we allow Christ to bring humility back into our lives, we are relieved of tension, fear, and striving. Be willing to be nothing that God may be all.

“Go, Son, and face the Pharisees,” said the Father. So He did. “Wash the disciples’ feet; go into the garden and identify with everyone’s sins and go through six trials. All of this will take humility. Then be hung upon a tree.” The Son pleased Him and did it. Then the Father said, “Love those who crucified you and pray for them.” The mind of humility was back on the earth. The Son pleased not Himself. He had made a covenant with the Father -a covenant of love, grace, obedience, submission, and peace. He was all that in His own Person.

If humility was brought back, how many church splits would there be? How much insecurity would exist? How many people would live in need when they could humbly submit to a provision of grace?

The plan always personally provides when humility is brought into the heart by Christ. Man can be armed in his mind, set in his affections, and willing in the wisdom of God, because of humility brought through the Word and the Spirit. Humility came back to the universe with Christ.

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