Who is in Control?

Our scripture reading today takes us to the story of the rich ruler. This young man had kept all the commandments; yet, Jesus told him he lacked one thing (verse 22). The problem here was that the ruler was in total control of his own life; he was not willing to let go of personal desires to follow Jesus.

Likewise, we as Christians oftentimes have desires which may seem to be good in content, but we are not submissive in our attitude as we seek to fulfill them. Do we yet lack in one thing as the young ruler? It is tragic to think of the hours which are wasted on tasks that God is not or may not be concerned with. No doubt, the man in Luke 18 spent a great deal of time serving God in a manner he saw fit, but he would not allow Christ to be Lord in his life. Consider Abraham, in Genesis 22:2 when God told him to offer up the greatest possession he had, his son Isaac. Do you think the Lord wanted to see Isaac die? No, it was simply a momentum test in Abraham’s life to see who was in control.

The Lord wishes to be in total control of our lives. However, he will not do it through force, rather He wishes to accomplish this by our submission to him. May we purpose this day to allow Him to guide our steps.

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