Who Is Renting Your Life?

Many people are not stable in the conviction of God because they do not allow themselves continual conversion through the mind of Christ. They are double-minded, and they allow people, situations, inner intimidations and reservations to draw them away from meeting the Word in the reception room of faith. Even when they hear the Word, they are talked out of it by others who are carnal in nature. These people may carry a Christian label, yet their profession goes just far enough to keep comfort and convenience within reach to enjoy.

They do not want to go too far from Egypt. They want “social security” for the old nature. Let us not be double-minded, but lay aside all things that might cause us to be naughty toward God. Do not allow conversations to give you a right to think independently even for a moment, but instead receive the Word of God with meekness. No matter of predetermination ever will keep you from the self-deception of a double mind. Only a transferal of rights through meekness gives you the soundness of the mind of God. If you do not receive the Word in meekness, then the Word will never become your personal property. You can never build on it, because you do not own it. Instead, you are regulated, having your life rented out and occupied by strangers, not originating from the mind of God.

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