Whom Do You Know in the Situation?

Enjoy Christ as the Supreme Giver and know Him better than you know the devil in the situation. People exalt their problems for more than they are worth and never confess the victorious and invaluable Christ. When in the midst of the circumstance, people get to know their problem through their natural sensual relationship to it; and they never experience fellowship with God. They come out of the situation exhausted, only knowing the tactics of the devil. They sigh with relief that it is over and yet they miss the whole point of its ordination for their life.

People do everything to get to know the problem and the devil in the situation, but they leave out Him Who defeated the devil. It can happen to anyone, even in the subtlety of a close situation. What happens when God, having cultivated His Body in love, then brings in the message of discipleship? How many then want to eat of Christ’s flesh? Perhaps, one partner in a marriage desires something else? For example, the wife being natural-minded wants comfort, security and the knowledge that all will be provided to meet her needs. So the weaker vessel manipulates the potential man for God. And, yet, God is trying to get the man to forsake the flesh of his wife, only so that he could mean business with discipleship. But because of fear of her reaction and sentimentality, he settles down without a cross, never denying his flesh or hers, and never follows the crucified Christ in a Resurrection for glory.

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