Willing to be Weak

Jesus demonstrated the connection between weakness and power. He was crucified in weakness: “For though he was crucified through weakness, yet he liveth by the power of God.” He didn’t have to be weak, but He was willing to be weak. There was a purpose that motivated Him, and it had to be manifested.

The Lord Jesus Christ is saying that there can be a wonderful reason for weakness. If Jesus had not suffered, bled, and died on the Cross, then, needless to say, every one of us would have to go to hell. Had Jesus called upon the twelve legions of angels to rescue Him from execution, every one of us would be lost and on our way to a Christless eternity. But He was willing to suffer in the weakness of His humanity. He was willing to be crucified and die.

You and I are going to be called to go through times when we are very weak. Why? So that we can manifest the power of God in those moments.

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