Winning Battles

A problem commonly faced by believers is subjectivity. Subjectivity is placing supreme value on what we think, feel, and experience instead of what the Lord reveals. We must see that the battle is the Lord’s (1). It is not our battle. Even our lives are not our own (2). What have we to give that we have not received from the Lord? (3). The power is not of us, but of Him who gave us this treasure in our earthen vessel (4).

Satan’s plan is to get us to take on burdens that are too heavy for us to bear. He wants to overload us with cares of this life and loves it when believers are anxious about things that are God’s responsibility. Do you worry about the Goliaths in your life? Does the state of your personal resources regulate your joy? It is so easy to be overwhelmed by the details of this life.

After we have worked hard, prayed, loved at all times, and invested Christ in the lives of others, it is up to the Lord to come through. We sow the seed; He brings the harvest.

Embrace what the Word of Life says about your situation! Live in God’s definition for your life, and you will win all the battles that come your way.

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