Words Without the Power of Life

It is one thing to know the Word; it is quite another to experience its power. With the first you have the eternal assurance of a promise; with the second you have the experiential life in the promises of God. Much of Christianity today has gone forth with many words, but not much power. They have an overabundance in the numerical count of their words, but they are left in need when it comes to revealing Christ through a derived life. Many Christians relate to the Word through the agreement of their own intellect, but don't respond to the Word as their life is joined to a real victory.

To be realistic is not to confess that which you see in the realm of your own understanding. It is to respond to a Word that brings you into the power of a life that cannot be realized in your own humanity apart from God. What is known to be true by sight is known to God only as buried in the death of a finished act. What I see in Adam is not recognized by God, but what I hear through His faith is Who God is in an expressed, realistic manifestation.

Faith causes me to become that which I could not be in the effects of my own understanding of progress and change. We do not grow out of our problems, but instead we grow in Christ. Our growth through continued revelation brings immediate alleviation of all that is foreign to victory. It is the Kingdom of the Word that produces the life of power to display the substance and character of stated truth.

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