This devotional will begin a three-part series. These are three things that every believer must learn how to do in order to be successful and fruitful in his walk with God. He must learn how to worship, serve, and wage a good warfare. Worship is inward, while serving is outward. Warfare must be fought to protect the believer’s rights to worship and serve.

John 4:24 states, “They that worship God must do it in spirit and in truth.” A person who does not learn how to worship will be a soul-power Christian. He may be sincere, but he lives in self-consciousness. This type of relationship will always bring up the truth about the natural life and call it “being real.” Our depraved nature knows how to be sincere but continues to make provisions for the flesh to sustain itself.

God’s answer to soul-power is for the believer to learn how to worship. One of the meanings for the word worship is “concentration.” The human spirit is the place where this takes place. Proverbs 20:27a says, “The spirit of a man is the candle of the Lord.” Worship is concentration of truth in the human spirit. Praise means to have a mental attitude of relaxation toward God in our mind.

When a believer learns how to worship in spirit and truth, it will destroy the power that the soul has on him. It will release the Lord to rekindle and burn brighter the candle of the Lord.

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