Wounded Love

God's love can be wounded. In Psalm 41:9, there is a prophecy about Judas being a familiar friend. In Zechariah 13:6, there is also a prophecy about Jesus being wounded in the house of His friends.

We are wounded in different ways. Our soul can be wounded and the love of our natural man can be wounded, in which case our emotions suffer. But these sentimental, soul-ish wounds are different from the wounds of Jesus in the house of His friends. A Divine Love wound is spiritual and suffers because that person or God loves you. It does not suffer because of itself, but it suffers because it came to love you. The more perfect love is, the more easily it is wounded.

Judas became familiar with Jesus, but he never understood His love. To Judas, Jesus was a "good or familiar friend," but Judas never understood the fellowship and power of Divine Love in the heart of Jesus. Consequently, Judas kicked up his heal against Him. Love was wounded. The disciples, like sheep without a shepherd, were scattered, also wounding the love that they had not yet fully comprehended.

After Peter denied Christ, Jesus looked upon him with wounded or hurt eyes (Luke 22:61). The eyes said, "Why are you denying Me? Why are you hurting Me? Why did you withdraw? And why don't you understand My heart?" This is the heart of God's love. Love wants us to do things because of its desires and not because of its commands. Love feels so deeply a wound because of what it is.

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