You Are Needed

How do you think a cook feels after working diligently, only to find that the guests do not show up? A diligent pastor-teacher feels the same way when members of his congregation miss church services. I thank God for every member in particular (1 Cor inthians 12:27). I thank Him for all those who do not forsake the assembling of themselves together but do it much more as they see the day of Jesus Christ approaching.

It has been said, "If you go to church Sunday morning, you love your church; and if you go to church Sunday night, you love your pastor. But if you also go to church on Wednesday night, you love God." That statement is true. God writes in His book of remembrance every time a believer attends church.

I weep over the people in my church who seldom come to services. For them, it's hit or miss. I am not rebuking them; I am pleading with them because as a pastor I need their portions. Just as a construction crew needs workers to get a job done, in the same way, we need every member in particular to be in church.

I thank God for co-laborers, wherever they are. The businessman needs his employees. Teachers need their students. Pastors need their people.

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