Your Cross, Your Victory

We need to understand that there is no way a man can take up God’s Cross. But am I going to leave Jesus Christ alone with that bloody death? No. I died with Christ, therefore it is my cross. He took me with Him so I could be successful and victorious in Satan’s world, going forward with a resurrected, offensive life against the kingdom of darkness. Every bornagain believer has this glorious privilege.

As a result of taking a stand in this victorious position, all of the fruit of the Spirit comes into my life. I have a new desire to worship God and to love people.

In the morning, I go to God, and in Resurrection life, I take up my cross. He died on His Cross, and now I take up my cross, which means I am crucified with Him-past tense! That is my cross: that I would accept His Cross and my death, burial, and resurrection with Him.

The Cross is the basis for the dynamics of a ministry that has power, of the preacher with an anointing, of a ministry that manifests God. It is the reality and spiritual experience of knowing Jesus Christ in His Ascension and in His Finished Work ministry on earth but through the power of Resurrection because of the Cross.

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