People are complicated, deep, and hard to know and understand. The ministry is based on knowing God and these people. When this happens, people are helped psychologically, relationally, and boundlessly. Without prayer, it won’t happen. We must pray in order to minister.

Please consider these requests along with the burdens God puts upon your heart: students in colleges, high, middle, and elementary schools, as well as homeschoolers; teachers’ dedication to show children the way of truth; our cities and states—may God lead their leaders into integrity, care, and compassion; protection for the many public servants who work to keep streets clean and safe.

Pray for October travels and conferences:

South & North America, Asia & Africa
3-7 Argentina (Pastor Stan Collins)
3-7 Thailand (Pastor Scibelli)
5-7 Zambia (Pastor Renaldo Brown)
6-8 Canada, Montreal (Pastor Love)
9-11 Nepal (Pastor Scibelli)
10-14 Chile (Pastor Stan Collins)
12-16 Thailand (Pastor Taggart)
12-14 South Africa (Pastor Renaldo Brown)
12-15 Bangalore, India (Pastor Scibelli)
18-22 Mumbai, India (Pastor Scibelli)
20-29 Holy Land Tour (Pastor Schaller)



October 2018 | Prayer Focus