From the capital of Ukraine

Our Vault project is to translate some 7,000 messages of Pastor Stevens into Ukrainian language. Lena has the vision to do it. It took her a month to translate the first message. It is a great beginning. The plan is to put the messages to our radio ministry podcast, which currently has about 5,000 downloads a month. The messages can also be heard on the air daily.

We go on mission trips to the main cities of Ukraine with other Greater Grace churches in our country. One of these cities we have visited is Vinnytsia, a regional capital.

The country’s capital Kyiv, with a population of over 7 million, is divided into 10 districts. These are like ten big cities forming one huge capital. We go to a district with a purpose to pray for people, for schools, administration, police, and everything God puts on our hearts. We walk and pray for a few hours, lay hands on buildings and pray for people in them. After our prayer walk we do a Bible study and go soulwinning.  -Andrii Pukavskii


August 2018 | Prayer Focus