Our Curriculum

Our Christian Curriculum cames from Bob Jones University, along with the Maryland Model for School Readiness.Our Learning Center consists of learning activities with a daily schedule and routine,offering children consistency and security. 

The age appropriate learning centers are arranged and set up each day so that they beckon, invite and welcome each child’s play and learning experience. Opportunities in the areas of linguistics,music,logicmathematics,spatial,body movement,and personal intelligence are introduced.Christian principles are thaught daily through use of Bible stories, Scripture reading and skits.

Kids Daily Activity


Your children will experience learning activities with a daily schedule and routine that teaches them consistency and security.


We use center based instruction which offers the opportunity for age appropriate learning in inviting centers that are arranged and furnished to enhance each child’s play and learning experience.


The centers in each classroom provide development in language arts, arithmetic, science, social studies, health, music and visual arts.