The Answer to a Crooked World (french)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11942
11:00 AM on 8/23/2020

P. Schaller –

Good morning. Praise God! The blood of Jesus has taken our sins away and God by his grace has put our name
in the Book of Life and we are called by his name. Wow! “Thy word was found, and I did eat it
and it was the joy and rejoicing of my heart for I am called by thy name O Lord God.” What is
your name? What is your name? Is it Rockefeller, Toyota, USA. What’s your name? Einstein. I
am called by thy name O Lord God. In Genesis 5:2, God made Adam and Eve and it says their name
was Adam. It doesn’t say their name was Adam and Eve. Where did Eve go? She’s there. She’s
with Adam. And what name do we have? We are called by the name of Christ. Where’s your
name? It’s kind of buried with him. We are who we are by God’s grace. The old man is crucified
and now we live but not me. Christ lives within me and the life I now live, I live by the faith of
the Son of God who loved me and died for me. Last night, we had a basketball tournament, 3 on 3, for kids in the community out in the parking lot. The basketball hoops went out there. There were 85 kids from the neighborhood.

Is Pastor Gary here? P. Gary, do you want to give a testimony where you are? Put up the picture.

Pastor Gary –

That picture is P. Love. He’s there. That’s right before the finals at 7:15 last night. We had 85 kids participating in the basketball tournament all through the city. Even two teams from York. We had 12 teams in the tournament. It’s part of a vision P. Schaller had years ago. He’s been telling us about it. We have done it twice this year. There’s a couple people right here that were there last night. I have to say the team, ministering is so beautiful when you have a team. Even with the basketball, P. Paul is gathering the referees and overseeing that. Pat Lynch is feverously
putting the brackets together as teams advance. We register at 5 and play at 5:15. Making sure kids find a slot. One kid we met mowing his grandmother’s lawn in Belair, Edison. He goes to Towson, Calvert Hall. He shows up and is with us the whole evening. This is the vision of the city, of us in the city and it’s fruitful. It’s really fruitful. Door knocking, the ministry.

We started a Bible study on Chesterfield yesterday. We decided we’ll plant ourselves here. Why can’t we start
a church here. There were 15 of us, five on the team and 10 others from Chesterfield and we
gave a message. It was glorious. One lady behind me, we were sitting on the porch and she had
the phone, and someone was listening. She said I have my friend here on the phone from
Harford Cunty. She doesn’t want to live anymore. She wants to take her life and she is here and
today she has heard this and has hope to live. This is a spontaneous Bible study God put on our
heart to do two weeks ago. We’re going to believe God we can do this. When we go as a team,
we felt so anointed and powerful. Everything we touched yesterday. We had incredible warfare
but incredible victory. We’re so thankful l we can do this together and let’s keep going. There’ a
lot to say but that’s it.

P. Schaller –

P. Gary and team, Coach Lynch, P. Love, the whole team. You know what I get out
of that? We are in a world and the world wants to say something to you. Do you know what
they want to say? Be afraid. What happens when people are afraid? They live in fear. That’s
brilliant! What happens when you live in fear? You turn inward. You know what we just heard? Going outward. That’s what we just heard. Go right down a few blocks from here and go on
their porch and start preaching with their permission. A woman invited them to preach off the
porch and as he is preaching, someone is on the phone in Harford county suicidal and they hear
the message and make another decision. That’s a work of God. That’s a work of grace. That’s
turning outward. Are you afraid? Go ahead. Think about it. Are you afraid? What are we afraid
of? Oh death where is your sting? Oh grave, where is your victory? Be steadfast, immovable,
always abounding in the work of the Lord for as much as you know your labor is not in vain in
the Lord.

That’s a good word. We’ve had fun. This covid thing has been a blessing for us. We
met new people. People see what kind of courage we have. This is normal for us. It’s normal to
love, to go, to serve, to share. It’s normal to believe. Lift up your eyes and see the field. It’s
God’s work. I kind of hope that in America – we had our End Times session on Friday. We have
one more session this coming Friday. We had a very good turnout. It was a great time. I feel
there is a big question in our minds. Are we going to have a revival? Is there going to be a
revival in America? Or is the Rapture coming? Is the Rapture coming the day after the election?
The Rapture comes. We don’t know what is going to happen. What is going on in this world. I
believe, my hope, my prayer is that the Christians in America that have the Holy Spirit and the
courage and the stirring will have conviction in their hearts.

Are awaking. Awake the sleeping giant. Wake up the believers and realize it’s time to stand and have some conviction in our hearts because these are important days. Rachel is going to come and sing to us. We are
excited about that. Praise the Lord! Okay. Thank you. God bless you. You may be seated. You’re
very talkative this morning. You are. It’s amazing. Wow! Very talkative. Enjoying it very much.
I’d like you to turn to Isaiah 5. First, I want to quote a couple verses to you. We are the church.
The church is made up of many members, much diversity, many different people around the
world and through the last 2,000 years. We have the greatest gift given to man. That’s the Son
of God who came into this world so we could be like him conformed to his image. Romans 8:32, to
think that what we have is beyond what any of us anybody at any time could ever think or
imagine. It’s greater than what we could ever think or imagine, Ephesians 3:20. What is it we have
today, but we have the reality of a relationship with God. When we were enemies, he made us
friends. 2 Corinthians 5.

When we were alienated from him, we were reconciled. When we were lost,
he found us. When we were sheep without a shepherd, he shepherded us. When we were
without power, he gave us power. When we were without a family, he put us in a family. He
calls us his children. He is our Father. When we in the slave market of sin, he redeemed us by
his blood, Ephesians 1:7. When we were in the kingdom of darkness, he translated us. This is all past
tense. This already happened. He translated us from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom
of his dear Son, Col. 1:13. To as many as received him, to them he gave power – it’s a power
that is a legal power. We have power to be the children of God. John. 1:12. Born not of the flesh
but born of the Spirit in John. 1:13. If any man be in Christ he is a new creation. We are a new
creation. Old things are passed away; behold all things have become new. We are regenerated.
The seed of God is in us. The seed of God in 1 Peter 1:23. Being born again by the Spirit of God,
Titus 3:5. Born of the Word of God.

Heard it, believed and a spiritual thing happened. We were born of the Spirit in John 3:5,7. The only way to enter heaven is by being born of God. Otherwise we are enemies. We are lost. We are without him though we bear in our makeup the image of God. We are made in the image of God but without God we are lost. Genesis 1:27, John. 3:36. We are condemned. Mark 9:43, 45, 47. We will go to hell where the fire is not quenched, and the worm
does not die. The worm is the conscience. It does not die. People are, not us, but people that
are lost will be without God forever and ever. In a way, they become like demons. Demons are
lost, not saved and go to hell. There are demons in a security prison held for the last time, the
end days. There is a final judgment, the lake of fire, and that’s where the demons will ultimately
go. Also people tragically, Revelation 20:15 if their name is not in the Book of Life, they are not
delivered from the second death. What is the second death? That’s hell. The first death is

The second death is the judgment and going into the lake of fire. Where did we learn
these things, by nature? No, by the Bible. Nature teaches us that God exists. Nature teaches us
about things of the invisible world, but we really don’t understand it. It must take God revealing
it to us, Ephesians 1:17-19. It must be revealed, 1 Corinthians 2:14. The natural man does not discern the
things of God neither can he know them. They are spiritually discerned. There is no way a
natural man can understand God. Thus, we have paganism. We have many religions and
philosophies and unbelievers. This is the world that we lived in. John. 6:44 if the Father draws you.
If the Father draws you. This is beautiful. No man can come to me except the Father draws him.
The Father draws him. Many are called. The Father draws many. Many are called but do they
believe? Will they make the decision? It’s their free will decision.

They decide. They believe and say I need it. God works in different ways. We don’t understand it but it’s God’s work. But there is no way somebody can be saved by their own power. It must be the work of grace. It’s a work
of God. It must be the Father drawing him. Many are called. It’s not God’s will that any would
perish, 1 Timothy 2. It’s not his will that any would perish so therefore we take the ministry very
seriously because we believe it is spiritual and it’s the work that is very important in the world.
It’s not natural. It’s spiritual. You and I have received an incredible gift of salvation. Incredible.
Three things I want to say about it. 1) It’s a new birth. It’s a spiritual birth. It’s a miracle of God’s
grace. I’ve had the privilege of being in many countries in the world. I’ve never really counted
them but 50 of them or more. I have met believers. There is no way you could ever explain how
they became a believer except by God’s grace. God did it. God saved them. They were
communist and got saved.

They were Buddhist and got saved. They were Hindu and got saved. They were Catholic and got saved. They were Orthodox. They got saved. They were Protestant. They got saved. No way, you cannot be born into a family and be born automatically with salvation. You have to decide. I asked an unbeliever one time do you believe. Yes, I believe. I was brought up Catholic. I said, if you were born in India, probably you would be a Hindu, right?
Probably. 950 million Hindus in India. If you were born in Saudi Arabia what would you be? A
Muslim. If you were born in Russia, what would you be? Russian Orthodox. If you were born in
Poland, what would you be? Catholic. So are you a believer because of where you were born? Is
that why you are Catholic because you were born into that family? Yeah, probably. Jesus said
it’s not according to where you were born. It’s according to God and his gift and Christ is the
only answer. Buddha is dead. Mohammed is dead. The Communists are dead. I’m not feeling
good myself! We’re all dying. Christ is the answer. He rose from the dead.

You believe in him. That’s the gift of salvation. You should be a born again Christian whether you live in Saudi
Arabia, Nepal, Tibet, India, Poland, the United States of America because if my cat had kittens in
an oven, they wouldn’t be biscuits! Why? Because their parents determine what they are. If my
cats have kittens, the oven will not make them biscuits. Their parents will make them what they
are. In a similar way, it’s only God that can make you a child of God. Not your parents. Only God
can make you a child of God. Being a child of God then you have three things: 1) the new birth,
2) a new sense of liberty from sin, Romans 6:13. You have a sense of liberty over sin. You are born
free. You are born of the Spirit. You are born to love God. You are born to listen to God. By the
way, you can’t unborn something. When it’s born, it’s born. You can’t unborn it in nature.
When a child is born, you can’t unborn the child.

You can’t unborn the dog. You can’t unborn the thing. You can kill it, but you can’t unborn it. When you are born of God, you are born of God and can’t reverse it. If you are born of God, you are born of God and that birth is yours.
You are free by the Spirit of God that dwells in you. You are a child of God. God is your Father
and will never leave you or forsake you. God has much to say to you. 3) Ephesians 4:24, put off the
old man. That you put on the new man. You put off the old man, vs. 23. Put off. Be renewed in
the spirit of your mind. Vs. 24. Put on the new man which was created according to God in true
righteousness and holiness. It means this, here is my old man. This is my sin nature. It is Adam
from the beginning of the Bible who sinned. You put off the old man and put on the new man.
The new man is from that birth, that spiritual birth. That new man is who you are. That’s why
the days we are living in, these times we are living in and what is happening in the world we are
part of, this is why, what I want to share today.

The new man that dwells in us is Christ in us. Christ in us is different from the world that we are in. When we say the world, we mean it in the meaning of the Apostle John when he writes in his epistles the word “world.” Kosmos is the
Greek word. It means organization. It’s where we get the word’ “cosmetics” in English and
cosmos as the universe. Organization. Putting things in order. The world is that way. The world
we live in is actually organized. It has wisdom. It has disciplines. It has intelligence. It has the
spirit of the world. We have the wisdom of the world; the way of the world and it’s all
organized without God. It’s a spiritual world and it’s all organized without God. Why? Because
this world is not directed by God. It’s directed by what is called the prince of the power of the
air or the god of this world, the world leader, the world ruler, the one that has used man and
his abilities and in the spiritual realm called the cosmos diabolicus, the demonic order that we
live in is organized without worship of God.

Worship God but not the true worship. Jesus comes into the world, but we reject him. Jesus speaks but the world does not receive him. There is something wrong in the world we live in. There is something missing. There is something replaced in this world. God is replaced in this organization that is called the world. God so loved
the world that he gave his only begotten Son. He loves this world in the sense of people, and he
gave his Son but if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me. Jesus is speaking of Moses’ rod in
the wilderness being lifted up, so he would be lifted up. He was predicting or prophesying how
he would die. He would be lifted up into the air between heaven and earth and die on the cross
because the world rejects him. This world is really against God. Many good things about it. I
love life. I love living here. When you live with God, there is something more. This is the inner man connected with God. I was an enemy and now we are friends. I was lost and now I am
found. I was an orphan but now I am grafted into the family. I’m a coheir. I was a rebel but now
I’m on his team.

Now the Spirit of God which is different from the world. The world’s spirit. I
used to live in Sweden. I was a pastor in Stockholm for a short time years ago. There was a man
there, a Swedish man, an older man. During W.W. II time he did business with the Nazi
Germans. He made kits for the Nazi army. Sweden was neutral in the war so they could do
business with the Germans in buying and selling and so on. I asked him, that must have been
interesting. Why did you do business with the Nazi’s? He said I don’t know why. It was in the
air. It reminded me of what we are saying today. There is something in the air in our world
today. It’s not Nazi Germany. It’s another evil thing that is working in the world. It’s against
Christ. It’s against truth. It’s even sometimes against common sense. It maybe even absolutely
horrible and devastating what can happen because of what is in the air.

Revelation 20:9 says that Satan is released out of the bottomless pit for a short period of time to deceive the nations. It says there was a great multitude that went against Christ. This is at the end of the millennial
period if you’re eschatology, if you know something about it. At the end of the 1,000-year reign
of Christ, Satan will be released out of the pit for a short time and he will deceive the nations. It
leads me to wonder, how deceived the world can be by Satan. It’s in the air. What’s in the air
today? What is being pushed down our throats? What is being propagated in different ways?
What is the philosophy? What is in the media? What is happening in the world we are living in?
There is a preface for the text today. 1 Kings 21, usually we go to church and have a really good
time. Today is no exception. This will be a good time. A very good time. It’s just true and
edifying for us. Do we have many builders here?

Carpenters, masons, people that can build? People that can put up kitchen cabinets in the kitchen? Put up a fence? Do we have builders here? If we do, then you know how important it is to get something square and plumb. If it’s
crooked, then everything goes crooked. The first thing you want to do is get a reference and get
it all square and work off of that to make it all square and perpendicular and horizontal and
everything fits so it’s not crooked. It could be an inexperienced guy like myself would put up a
kitchen cabinet and it’s not square so what do I do? I put all the others up the same way. The
first one is a little crooked. That’s alright. I’ll put up all the other ones crooked. As I do that, I
have learned this by experience. It’s more and more work when something is wrong, and it
doesn’t get straightened out. It causes more and more trouble. It just doesn’t work. It can work
but then people are also with people we could have someone crooked and then we all start to
stand crooked because this is the way it is.

We say this is how it is. We say no. Wait a minute. My inner man is saying something else. I don’t agree. I’m sorry. I’m different. Yeah, you’re different. You’re the weird one and everyone is standing crooked and wants it crooked and
you’re the problem. It happens people stand crooked, think crooked in business in government
in a family and with children, in schools in life. We can all be wrong. We can be wrong in many
ways. In church life there could be something not right. By the way, this is the time when the
church shines. That’s what my inner man says to me and what the Bible says to me and what
the Spirit says to me in my heart. This is a good time for us. This is a time when we love, when
we reach out. I was in Laurel, Maryland yesterday evangelizing with a small team of people, and I talked to a woman who had a poster in front of the post office and so on. We talked a little bit.
I said I feel that people need love today.

They need love. She hadn’t heard that in a long time. She hadn’t heard that. Yes, I think they do. I said what do you know about love? I said do you believe in Jesus? She said, I think so. I believe what Jesus taught. I said what did Jesus teach? She started slow. She said to love others like yourself and then there was a pause and to love
God with all your heart. It was dredging up like old, long forgotten bible verses. It ministered to
me and I’m thinking. There is so much hatred. There is so much fear in this world. The inner
man because of your new birth – I understand if people don’t have the new birth than what do
they have? They just have the old man. If the old man is in charge, you’ll have someone like
Ahab in this story. This king Ahab is like the fallen nature of man and read it with me. 1 Kings.
21:17, Elijah is the prophet. Vs. 18. Ahab is one of the worst kings in our Bible. He was a
murderer, deceiver, idolater.

He was a bad guy. His wife was Jezebel. They had something going on. They murdered a man for his property, and they led Israel in idolatry in succession of dynasties. There were 19 kings in the north and everyone of them was a wicked, evil king. It’s like the world we live in. That’s why we should pray for leaders and we should vote. I’m not
going to tell you who to vote for, but I’m going to tell you to register to vote. That’s your civic
duty. That’s biblical. That’s what God would say to you. God would say that’s a privilege to be
able to vote. That’s your responsibility. You know how evil succeeds? Just by good people doing
nothing. Good people do nothing, and you end up with an evil leader and then you complain
about him and wonder why God did that. God would say, why didn’t you vote? Why didn’t you
wake up? Why didn’t you do something about it? What do you want to do? You want Ahab? Or
what do we have? You might say – Christians are sometimes fatalistic. And they say like Muslim
people. It is the will of Allah.

God doesn’t like that. He doesn’t say everything that happens is
my will. He says would you wake up? Would you act? Would you pray? Would you serve?
Would you get engaged? Would you be like me on the earth? Would you have an opinion?
Would you have some words? Would you have a message? Would you evangelize? Or will you
just say, it’s God’s will. Everything is God’s will. No, it isn’t. Everything is not God’s will. We are
to resist evil. We are to make a difference. We are to be salt and light. We are to make a
statement. We are to have an opinion. We are to be alert and engage God’s people. That’s
God’s will. Not sleeping. Sleeper! Jonah, the sleeper. He’s a sleeper. Awake thou that sleepest
and rise from the dead and Christ shall give you light. Ephesians 5:14. Let’s go to the story. 1 Kings 21:18
I said earlier, if that was me I don’t want to meet Ahab.

I don’t want to meet him. I don’t want to meet Ahab. I have nothing to do with each other. He’s an evil man. God said go meet him. So you have to obey God if you are a servant of God. It’s important apparently. Elijah, go meet
him. He could say I don’t know where he is. God tells him where he is. No excuses. Elijah, go
meet him. Vs. 19. You’re going to die, Ahab, and the dogs are going to lick your blood. In the
same pool of water where they are going to wash the chariot – by the way, that’s what
happened. An arrow found its target. A guy was shooting arrows like this and one of them had
Ahab’s name on it. The wind and I’m making it up, but it found its target. Right in between the
kink in the armor. Right there. That arrow was for Ahab. He bled to death in the chariot and
afterwards they washed the chariot in a pool of water. The same pool of water where the man

he murdered; his blood was in that pool too. He went down to say these things to him. Vs. 20.
Let’s change it. Ahab said to the Christian, the Spirit filled Christian. What is the Spirit filled
Christian? He puts off the old man. He puts on the new man. And he’s standing straight. Ahab is
crooked like this. The Christian is saying you’re wrong. You’re wrong. And Ahab says don’t tell
me I’m wrong. I have everyone agreeing with me. The world is this way. Our world is this way.
Elijah said I know. You’re all wrong. That’s the world we live in. So Ahab said you are my enemy.
That’s what he says to him. Vs. 20. Have you found me? Why did he say, have you found me?
Ahab in a way was hiding from him. When people are crooked, they don’t want to meet you.
They don’t want you to find them. They want to be with the people that are believing their lies.
If they meet you, they want to change you.

They will either do it two ways. They will either seduce you or be angry with you and humiliate you and slander you. They either seduce you to be like them and we all get leaning this way. We’re all this way. We’re all this way. But if you have any fire in your belly, any conviction, persuasion in your heart, you can’t, I can’t do that. I
don’t agree with that. That’s not true. Even it’s ridiculous. What you are saying is actually
ridiculous. I don’t accept it. It can’t be. It’s not true. This is in many areas of this world that we
live in. The world will say Jesus was a good man . We say. no. A good man wouldn’t talk like
him. He said lies unless he is the Savior. Jesus was either nuts, a lunatic. No man has ever gone
up to heaven but the Son of Man who is in heaven. John. 3:13. My father and I are one. I always
see the things he does. John. 5:19. How could anyone speak like him? He was without
equivocation. Verily, verily, I say unto you, unless you be born again. Verily, verily means there
is no discussion about it. I am the way, the truth, the life.

You cannot come to the father but by me. I am the only way. Is he a good man? No. He’s way better. He is the Son of God. They don’t like that. Ahab is that kind of a guy. He doesn’t like it. Have you found me to be my enemy
Elijah? Let’s break this down. Something recently I have been thinking about which is youth
conflicts. Youth conflicts is a phrase for young people 12, 14, 16 years of age and their personal
problems they have in their hearts deep inside. Youth conflict. One of them is about their
disabilities, perception of themselves, appearance. Young people are very much caring about
how they fit in. Do they belong to the group? If they have some noticeable, recognizable,
distinctive kind of thing, disability, problem with their learning or a personality disorder or their
temperament. Are they accepted? A conflict inside their heart about it. They wrestle with their

This is where some of this transgender and homosexual stuff comes from. It comes
from people who have a struggle with themselves and their acceptance. They lack the
parenting or the oversight or the authority that will help them resolve their conflict. Their
conflict isn’t to change their sexuality but to realize God made me in his image. The solution to
my problem is Christ. When I put off the old man and put on the new man I find love. In that
love I have a hunger for God and an understanding that happens in my heart and mind. I might
have a speech impediment, but I’ve accepted myself and find in my heart a relaxation, an
acceptance, a kind of love. I have people around me with the same spirit. We are standing
straight and learning who Christ is. It solves my conflict. It helps me in my heart, in my identity.
Another youth conflict people have is family problems, their acceptance by their dad or mom.
Or abandonment.

The father abandons the son. He’s not there. He wonders why. Is it because of me? Maybe I did something. Why can’t I see my dad? Where is my dad? Those kind of issues. It’s deep. All their lives. Kids. Young people struggle with these things. When they struggle with them, they could talk to Ahab and Ahab could say this is the way it is. And they could say any number of things. I don’t want to try and explain it. It’s too complicated. I want to go over the
principle. Do you know how wrong people can be? Do you know how young people can be left
alone to try and sort out things and be told just stand crooked. That’s all we can do. There isn’t
any answer. We are like the message of Christ in the world. It says in 2 Corinthians 5 we are here in
Christ’s stead, in his place. How can we be here in Jesus because we have the Spirit of Jesus, the
words of Jesus, God the Father of Jesus. We are to be like Elijah to say to Ahab, I’m not your
enemy. You think I am your enemy but I’m the answer for your country. Elijah could say I am
the answer for Israel.

I am the messenger from God for this country. I am what you are looking
for. You might say that’s putting a lot upon the prophet. It is but that’s the picture of the
church. The church is here to say when something isn’t right, we are here to say, no. That’s not
true. That’s not the way it is. You cannot lie your way into God’s reality. You cannot be proud
and find God’s reality. You cannot live in fear and find God’s reality. You cannot manipulate
people and find God’s reality. I was also thinking in this regard, it only takes a few bad decisions
and we all accept how this wrong thing we call it right. This is right. It only takes some bad
decisions and my world changes very quickly. I start following and find my people and we start
following the thing that isn’t right. We start going in that way and I lie down in sorrow. Isaiah
50:11. I lie down in sorrow and wonder what happened.

God is saying you need Elijah back in your life. You need a man of God in your life. You need a message back in your life. When you get humble you say Lord I want it. I want it. Help me. God is good to us to give it to us. In our
hearts, my family – okay. I have problems with my family. In a way who doesn’t. It is the way it
is. By the way, if I was born with a disability, what I need to do, Jeremiah 17:5 trust in the Lord with
all your heart. Trusting in God is the key. Proverbs 3:5. Someone would have a skin problem or
some physical problem. Why would God give this to me? God made you and God – put away
the old man and the new man that you are born of is Christ and Christ is in you. Walk in him.
You will find him. You will know him. Many times when people have the ugly duckling syndrome
kind of thing, that runt of the litter, the lame little puppy dog that nobody wants, that person
finding who God is, is the greatest treasure, the greatest gift, a great blessing. I mean it. It’s

The world doesn’t say it like that. They say things that do not minister to us. I am not the
answer. That’s what we are here for as representatives of Christ in the world. Vs. 20. I have
found you. Philosophically, Francis Schaefer used to say when he ministered in L’abri years ago.
It was amazing to find an intellectual guy that would be – he could find that thing and it would
be shocking. For the man to be pointed out. That’s right there. I hate to do this to you, but your
world is going to fall apart. He was able to do it like a precise maneuver. People would be
crumbled and turn to Jesus as the only answer for life. Elijah is able to find you. The pulpit is
able to find you. The wise man is able to find you. The answer for life is able to find you. This is
a great gift. I will face reality one day without Christ. I will discover my foolishness and my lies. I
lived in a lie. My world is crumbling before a living God. Why not do it now.

Why not face God now? Why doesn’t my world crumble now? Why don’t I face Elijah’s message now? Why don’t I come to Jesus Christ now? I’m going to be humiliated later. My lie will be found out. Jesus said
the rock will fall on you and grind you to powder, or you will fall on the rock and it will break
you to pieces. You fall on the rock and you are broken, or you resist it and later it will fall on you
and grind you to powder. That’s reality and the sin nature of man. Man is a liar day and night
and doesn’t want to meet Elijah. And if he does, he wants Elijah to be quiet or change or seduce
him and make him like himself. But Elijah is not going to. This is what is in you and me. Vs. 20.
You have sold yourself to believe this lie. You are a liar. You are a liar. I love to say that. I don’t
know why. You are a liar. Say to the whole human race and say you are a liar. Look in the mirror
at myself and say you are a liar. You are a liar. I know I am. I know I am. That’s so good. Thank
you, Jesus. World, you are a liar. It’s in the air. It poisons people. It poisons people every day.
You are a liar.

There is no reality there from God. There is not the answer. Yes, there is a
ministry of common grace. God has everything in his balance, but if you would understand
what I am saying. You would crucify Christ tomorrow if you can. Because you are an enemy of
his. He is the answer. I just say today I want revival in America based on this. We want revival in
America based on this. I want to have conviction in my heart and persuasion. I want you to be
different because of the Spirit of God. I don’t want you to just be fooling around. I want you to
be serious with God. I want you to be on your knees before God. I want you to be dead honest
with God. I want you to be humble with God and look for God and find him. I want you to make
good decisions in your life and find and taste and see the Lord is good. You find obedience to
God by faith at the cross and taste and see the Lord is good. You say that is what I am looking

That will satisfy my longing heart. That will satisfy my thirst. Don’t just be here because
your friend is in the church. Don’t just be here because your parents are here. Don’t just be
here because you like it. You like to be here. Be here because the Spirit is moving. Because you
believe it. Because the Spirit is speaking to you. Because you have something going on with
God. Sisters and brothers, what is going to happen in our country? No guarantee how things are
going to go. I hope the best but it’s crazy. How can they be talking like they are talking? How
can this be happening? How can everything that is crooked be saying this is right? It’s all the
way it is. We’re all like that. No, we’re not all like that. I believe in love. Let’s talk about love,
not fear, not judgment, not hatred. What about love? Why not go up to a policeman and say
I’m praying for you. Go up to someone in your neighborhood that is different from you and say
God has a plan for your life. Why not say come to church.

There is a church that is very interesting. You never know what you’re going to get when you go there. It might be good. It might be bad. Go and seek God. Why not? Salt and light. I’m not going to get run over by these
people. I got a different way. I might end up in trouble. That’s okay. God will be with me in the
trouble. Are you afraid? I’m not afraid. If you don’t have the right beginning with Jesus making a
decision with Jesus, how are you going to end up in the right place.? You think you are going to
plan out your life? You can’t plan out your life. God your Father leads you and guides you in
your life. That’s the way to live. Fearing God. That’s the message to Ahab. Elijah says to Ahab,
let me tell you something. You’re in a lot of trouble. You know what you’re missing? Love. You
don’t have any love in your heart. You know what else you are missing? You don’t fear God. If I
was you, I’d fear God.

Ahab, you are in trouble. I’d fear God if I was you. You get right with God. You get all the stuff and you hear the truth and embrace God and God’s grace and God will forgive you and straighten you out. You need the new birth. You need help. That’s what we are doing every day in our evangelism and our ministry to people. It’s in us by our new birth.



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