A New Normal in Sanctification (Spanish)

Let’s allow God to lead us as we believe Him. We need to develop another normal. We are justified by faith and progressing. Be set free from the Delilahs trying to set her traps. Let the Spirit keep us from hate and retaliation. David refused to revenge himself. He sought God’s blessing for the curse cast at him. (2 Samuel 16:5-13; Judges 16:7; Romans 6:19)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11638
11:00 AM on 3/3/2019

P. Schaller

Have you ever thought of how God – first of all, praise God. Praise the Lord. Praise God. Thank you, Lord. Praise God. God is good to us.

There is a new normal. A new normal. That’s a good phrase. Is there? People that live their life and they just consider their life to be normal and what does it look like? Then they are born again and the Spirit of God comes into their life and the question is, is there a new normal? That’s what we want to speak about this morning. What is that? It’s a good question. I haven’t explained it enough yet for you to understand me.

Rom. 4 – Justification. I’ll write up here on the board. Justification. Do you know what that means? The second word is sanctification. You didn’t know you’re coming to Bible school today. This is Bible school material but also basic Christianity 101. What is the difference between these two words? Justification is God declaring you are righteous the moment you believe. But you aren’t righteous. You and I are sinners. As long as we are in this body, we carry a sin nature with us. Our sins vary throughout life. Some people their sins take them in this direction and this direction. Some have bad habits connected with their body and others with their soul, their thought life. They are cowards, no courage, and no faith. They have sin in their life. It’s part of our nature. Say to your neighbor, you are a sinner. Unbelief is a sin. Did you know that? As I get older, sometimes when people get older they lose courage. They get sensitive and touchy and cranky and maybe miserable and negative in their outlook in life. Justification means at one point in time. Here’s a time line. At one point in time when you believe, you are made in the mind of God 100% righteous. This sounds impossible. We are so process oriented. We are always thinking of attaining. Justification doesn’t teach that. It is the minute Abraham believed, it was imputed to him, put in a record book in heaven, his name in the book of life. It says Christ became sin that we may be made the righteousness of God in him. That happens when you believe, that moment. It’s automatic.Salvation is a gift, given to you when you believe. You are righteous. Then you look at your life. I’m not. You are in the mind of God. God is not confused about it. God gave his Son so you become righteous, saved, redeemed, reconciled, forgiven, justified.In Hebrews, sanctified once and for all. This is important. It’s at the background of our whole faith that God’s love is this way. He loves us with unconditional love, everlasting love.

This substitution. Like the twins, two grown men and one is a criminal and the other is a good guy. The criminal is arrested and sentenced to death. He visits his brother. They change clothes and the innocent man is executed and the criminal goes free. This is the same in principle that happened to you and I. Christ came in our place. He became sin though he never sinned and we were made righteous. We go to heaven because of him.

When you are sharing your faith at work or your family, ask the people, let me ask you a question. If you did this much bad and this much good, the good cancels out the bad, right? They go, maybe. I think so. What do you say? In civil law, it doesn’t work that way. If you’re 20 years old and kill someone and live the next 60 years crystal clean, it doesn’t cancel out your crime. You’re guilty of murder. Why would it be any different with God? I have violated his holy law and am guilty of all the sins in the book. In me is the seed to commit every sin that has ever been committed. I don’t do it but have the seed for it in my nature.

I am saved by his grace, by Christ coming and dying on our behalf and imputing the righteousness of God to us. In his mind, he cannot see us any other way but accepted in the beloved, imputed with his righteousness. It’s called adoption and it means you are brought into God’s family. You are in his family. He is your Father. You are his child. We are sisters and brothers. We are legally made members of the family. You cannot get out of it. I’ll never leave you or forsake you. I’ve sealed you with my love. I’ve given you the H.S. who is the seal of my possessing you to the day of the redemption of your body. One day, he will raise us and our bodies will be raised up and we will be altogether sanctified spirit, soul, and body completely. We’re talking about sanctification here. I’m taking the time but it’s well worth the time. This is heaven here.

We are accepted and perfected in Christ once for all and it’s 100%. This is God’s gift.

Sanctification is the process in times of ups and downs, low points, passivity, and indifference and then the day we die we are out of our body and we are conformed 100% to the image of God. This is a process of time that we are in in sanctification. We are indwelt by the Spirit of God. God wants us to understand we are here and his work being done in our lives is to conform us to his Son that we would be like Christ. We all know we have questions about it, and wonder if I am growing at all. We might say I don’t feel motivated or I am indifferent or it’s not important or I don’t understand it. Generally with us you are here this morning because you like to learn and believe my life has something to do with this amazing ministry of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit leading me and affecting my mind and emotions and will so I am being conformed to the image of Christ. That’s our subject.

Let’s look at it this way. In sanctification, we have a fundamental question. How much does God do and how much do I do? God sanctifies me. He gave his Son, not only that we would be going to heaven but that now in this life we would know him. How much does God do and how much do I do? We are co-laborers in 2 Cor 6:1. Do we work with him? Are we part of this process? Are we being changed because God is acting upon us by the Holy Spirit? God is doing the work by the Holy Spirit and what is it that I am doing or believing. There are two parts to it. God’s work and then there is me. We are working with him.

Php 2:12-13, it is God that works in you to will and do of his good pleasure.

Heb. 13:21, God equips us so we can do his will. He gives us his grace, the same grace that made this happen, salvation, is the same grace that makes this happen in our life. It’s the same God. The God of all grace. Meaning that God if he saved us when we were sinners, why not after being saved we wouldn’t also be able to know him and experience him. And say it’s true. Christ is real. The unbeliever could say we don’t know what you’re talking about. I understand you. You believe it’s my religion but I’d like to share with you the reality of a risen Christ. A reality that I cannot explain. This is way beyond me. It’s God working in us to will and do his good pleasure. There’s a number of things I want to mention in sanctification that we could say is my part. My part is to believe. In what? In what God tells me what happened there on the cross. What happened there? The Son of God died for me and was raised from the dead, and he is gone. Is there more that happened there I cannot see?

The answer is in Rom 6. Christ died and broke the power of sin in my life. Now. I told you I’m a sinner. I lack the courage or the directness or the faith or the addictions or bad habits I have in my sin nature. I have my sin nature now. God is saying to us the power of that sin has been broken through giving my Son. The Son was given so the Holy Spirit would come into our hearts and lives and we would experience our freedom. I’d be able to say it’s not as hard as it used to be. Or say, it’s true. That Jesus, that the sin is I’m not interested. One of the things that happens in our sanctification is our desires change. It is God that works in you to will and do of his good pleasure. I have something I can sense in my spirit or heart. You are hearing what we are saying. There is something that resonates in you. There is some kind of hope, desire, and growth of something going on in your life of faith. You are believing what the Bible is saying is true. I know because it happened to me. New desire. Where did that come from? He is conforming you to the image of his Son. There is something there the Spirit is moving.

I said earlier this morning. I remembered vividly when I first publicly preached. I was in Bible college and P. Stevens asked me to preach in his place which is a big deal in a small farming village in Maine…in a town called Friendship, Maine. I was worried and nervous and scared. I got lost in the countryside and I’m driving through or down these country roads and I want to get there on time and I’m not getting there. You ask for directions in Maine and they say you can’t get there from here! I got there 45 minutes late. I memorized the book of Ephesians and I think in the message I quoted the whole book. It was about 3 minutes. I had a hard time with the whole thing.

It doesn’t matter in one way. In your life and my life God has promised us something. We will be changing. That was more than 40 years ago. We cannot compare our life with the past because we don’t know how that whole thing looks but I have the assurance that your life and my life is important. With God, there are no mistakes. There are just great promises. What he has started, he will do. There is the Holy Spirit. He must be sanctifying us. We could say we are holier than we were before. There is something about our speech that it changes. There is something about our attitude of life that we grow in. We are changing. Changes in a number of areas. Wisdom. We are wiser. Emotions. Love is deeper. In prayer, we are believing that it’s powerful. We are being sanctified. When we are together, we are looking for Jesus. Where is Jesus in the meeting? Where is Jesus in the Body? We are together in the Body and it’s more and more clearer to us God is doing a work that is happening in time and space and one day we will be taken off the earth and we will meet Christ in heaven. He will meet us in the air. The city is called the New Jerusalem and there are 12 gates. Nothing unclean can enter the gate. We will be there in that city. There will be nothing unclean about us. We have been justified in a moment and then sanctified in our lifetime. We are being sanctified. God is working. What are we doing in regards to that work? We are submitted to God. I want to put here the cross. Submitted to God. It’s a big lesson.

One Body member told me this morning, she said I was talking to some people who left the church and I had left the church too but God spoke to me. He said the problem isn’t the church. The problem is rebellion in your heart. It was so clear to her God said the problem isn’t the church. The problem is you. You are rebellious in your heart. As she talked to these two people, – one of them wasn’t in this church – she said as I said to them it’s rebellion. They got released and their mouth dropped open and they, said oh, rebellion? It’s me?

If that happens to me, if God would correct me, this is called sanctification. When God corrects me, when he speaks to me and corrects me and guides me in sanctification, there is no church that is perfect. The issue in sanctification isn’t the external world but the internal one. I am being conformed to the image of Christ. He is Christ who is not easily offended. Beware, we are in a culture, a time where being offended is fashionable. It’s on social media, likes and dislikes, my opinion and I’m typing out my stuff and telling them they have no right to this or that.

2 Sam. 16:5 how are you doing? I know you’re right there with me.

vs. 5-7. He is cursing David, going at it. David is at a low point in his life. He’s left Jerusalem as a refugee, as a king dethroned. His son is after his life. He wants to kill him. David is sad about it. He smells the blood. Now I can take David down. He is the man of God, the anointing of God. Cursing David. When the men of God go down, don’t betray them. Don’t curse them. When the church has problems, don’t pile it on and start cursing and cursing. That’s one thing always write down and remember in your heart. Don’t mistreat God’s people. Don’t do that. God cares about his people. He paid a high price for them. Just be quiet and mind your own business. Let God take care of the Body of Christ. Jesus is well able to take care of his people. Here we have a bad time. Bad days for David. This man is cursing David. I’ll go over and take his head off, one of David’s mighty men say. I’ll just take the guy’s head off. Who cares? David said no, let him curse. Maybe it’s good for me. Maybe God sent him to curse me. Maybe I need it. I can eat humble pie. I can eat crow. I’m not that important. I want to be sanctified by God. If I get down in the ditches and mud I’ll look for revenge and take out my enemy. Don’t take out your enemy. The church is not your enemy. It’s here for your support, friendship and our sanctification. I get sanctified by the Spirit in the church with the prayers of the people that will help me in my life. My life is better in sanctification. We think better, feel better, live longer, have more friends, and think godly thoughts.

vs. 9. Great idea. That’s the idea you and I might have sometimes. I got offended. He had no right to say that. Would you please stop saying I got offended and look at that man on the cross. He got offended and what did he do? Forgive them. They don’t know what they do. If we can think like that, it’s the Holy Spirit sanctifying us. Bless my enemies. They don’t know what they are doing. I have a message of evangelism, of grace. Nobody by good works can be saved. It must be by a gift of God, the Son of God that came. Now our calling is to walk in the Spirit and the Body of Christ. The church is my family, my home. This is where I will find and go through phases in my life where I’m growing in the faith. If you take a human body like a child 3 years old, he grows proportionately. What if one arm stayed like a 3 year old and he’s 20 years old? It doesn’t go like that. The whole body grows proportionately. The Scripture says we are members of his Body. As we abide in him, we are growing, all of us in our place in his will, in his wisdom, with his holiness. We are being changed from glory to glory. It affects us intellectually.

We gain wisdom, love, Col 1:11.

We are changed from glory to glory 2 Cor 3:18. We run the race set before us. We are running a race. How much of this am I doing? We’re doing it together. He’ll wake you up in the morning and lead you in prayer, lead you in your Bible, in being a part of the fellowship in the church, in times of faith, in our will. We will have his will. We fail but we don’t quit. It’s too good. I can’t quit. I don’t want to quit. I need the preacher to say don’t quit. I need the preacher to tell me stop saying I’m offended. I got to learn. We can all be offended. Don’t you think the pastors up here have been offended in many ways and times? Don’t you think people send us emails and there are misunderstandings? We are human beings like everyone else of course. We have decided to be sanctified by Jesus Christ and walk by faith in him is the greatest privilege. It brings great glory to God when you live by faith. You glorify God when you are being sanctified. What is going on with that guy?

Jesus is real. Listen, if God gave his Son 2,000 years ago or before the foundation of the world and he left us in this world, don’t you think he has plenty provision for us to eat and abide and accomplish his will in this life. This is going to end the message but I have so much to say.

I’ll give you an example. My wife and I were married 43 years and had a little bit of a tiff. We never had hard fights. I felt this little boy mentality come over me pouting, angry. Not admitting it but carrying it inside. My wife is a no nonsense, direct communicator with a lot of love and wisdom. The little boy mentality. I can talk about that because I am one. The little boy mentality. And say things that little boys do that. It’s not fair what happened. You don’t understand my feelings. You’re off by yourself playing with your little truck! So we are in bed, my wife and I, and I turn away from her facing the wall. I’m feeling all these little boy feelings. Absolutely, incredibly and I’m a pastor, a leader! If that is normal, if that is your normal – at the beginning of the service, I said there got to be a new normal. If that is your normal, you have to listen to what we are saying. God is going to sanctify. You’re going to be changing, growing up. She kicked me under the blankets. She knew. She understood. You got to be kidding me? I married a guy that is just a little boy and is upset about some stupid thing and I can’t say, I can’t be bigger.

I’m saying he’s cursing me from the other side, throwing dirt and stones. We’ll go over and take his head off. Okay, go ahead! I think that’s a good solution.

My wife kicked me. I turned towards her and said I’m sorry. It’s ridiculous. I love you and she’s fine.

There are men that stay little boys and can’t handle it and they don’t understand we are all like that in different degrees – whether the church causes the trouble or your wife or kids, come on. We’ve got to believe there is a new normal. If you are parked in the old normal, you will not get out of it. You’ll call things that are ridiculous normal. Jesus would say that is ridiculous. I will show you what it means to live a fruitful life, a blessed life. That is ridiculous. I’m going a little long here but I want to finish.

You know who did it? Samson. He’s with Delilah. Where does your strength come from? Oh cutie pie, tell me Sammy, Sammy. You are so big and muscular. My sweetie pie. It’s not real. It’s not real. It’s a lie. It is not real. He tells her if you weave some of this grass, plants, not dried up and bind me. The Philistines are hiding behind the couch, the curtains. She binds him and they come out and he fights them off and the whole thing goes that way. A few days later, Sammy! You cute little thing. Tell me where is your strength? He doesn’t get it. Get out of that house, away from that woman. Why can’t you get out of it? You are not being sanctified. If you are being sanctified, you’ll know your enemy. You’ll know Delilah is not trustworthy.

You will be able to be a man when God wants you to be and a Body member when he wants you to be and a missionary, a servant, and someone who would die on the cross like our Savior did because you are being conformed to that mentality and spirit.



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