Determined Not to Know

What is the ground for my salvation? It is that I know nothing but the Cross between me and God. That is my salvation because the Cross has paid for all my sins. That Cross is something I determine to know now just as much as I did at salvation. The first sign of a withdrawing heart in a person is an unthankful spirit toward the Cross. No matter what the problem may be or the circumstances of my own spiritual temperature with God, if I get occupied with thanksgiving at the Cross, then I will know nothing but Jesus Christ, and Him crucified. With crucifixion comes the aftermath of all the glory. It may be one thing to follow the life of Christ, but it is quite another thing to live in and through that life because of a thanksgiving response of identification that brings one to the Throne. Jesus is always the One who identifies with me, and I enter in by a simple response of faith. It is never something I do, instead I allow Him to live through me on the basis that I died with Him through His identification with me (2 Corinthians 5:21 ).

Many things may happen, but be determined to know nothing among yourselves but the Cross. The Spirit gives you the determination. Faith gives you the love that knows nothing. And Christ gives the revelation of life that brings you among others, giving you the ground to live in the Body in the truth after crucifixion.