Summer Harvest – Emerald Isle


What an honor it was to go to Ireland/N. Ireland on Summer Harvest. Our team had great unity, great opportunities and great fruit in soulwinning. I was on the first part of the team going to 4 countries. We visited Valmai Gee in Dublin and spend time with the precious people she ministers to. We even saw her play women’s cricket! I had lunch with my own Irish cousins in Dublin. And we visited Derry/Donegal Christian church in Londonderry, N.Ireland. Thanks for praying for us. It was very fruitful. by Beth McNulty

Valmai Gee


Pastor Gary preaching at sunset in Ballintoy, N.Ireland. The message was called “the Son will take us home.”


Sketchboard on the streets of Belfast, N.Ireland

Glory to God in the Highest

As I walk through the streets of Helsinki on a Monday evening, I catch myself being mesmerized by the work of God in my life.