Missions Tour in Europe


“Except the LORD build the house, they labor in vain that build it” Ps 127:1

A “rolling” team of up to 20 of us at one time went through Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Belgium and Germany as one of our ministry’s 2016 Summer Harvest trips. So much could be said of the trip and of the team life; here are a few memorable words about it:


We spontaneously stopped at Dunseverick Castle for lunch, and later found out that it was the place where St. Patrick baptized a man who would become the bishop of Ireland. The castle that had been built by man is now in ruins, but the church that was being built here by God (& Patrick) is forever (Matthew 16:18)!

Our team met a lad while evangelizing in Belfast, a 17-year-old Jordan who had recently gotten saved and had a heart on fire. He was soaking up the things that pastor Gerry was sharing with him.

England and Belgium

Then, we spent weekend with the church in Chester, England. Pastor Gerry, Laety and I were warmly received at the Craddock’s home. Pastor Alastair has the heart of a builder of men.

The foundation of the Chief Cornerstone was laid in some believing hearts during four days in Belgium. Praise Him – what a privilege! We met Laszlo and his precious family in a town in the Dutch speaking part, north of Brussels. Laszlo and his wife are from our church in Hungary. He was such a refreshment and a joy to listen to and to spend time with. By God’s grace we want to keep these folks in our heart.


In Heidelberg, southern Germany we had powerful Bible study in the home of Hannah Kayser’s grandparents. Our first days in Berlin were spent at a Kids Camp. 
kids camp

In Wittenberg, a German builder of another sort once hammered a nail and “The 95 Theses” on a church doorway. We also went to two churches where Luther preached the word of God’s grace regularly, and saw the famous room where he talked with his students “precept upon precept, line upon line” (Isaiah 28:10)
germany luther w

Opportunity to Build

We are privileged to know co-laborers with God in the building of His church. And we too have the privilege, plus opportunity after opportunity to participate ourselves, as receivers first of that which God gives to build us (Jeremiah 31:3-4; 1 Corinthians 3:9; Acts 20:32)!

As semesters are starting up again in many Bible colleges around the world, let’s pray that many will experience the calling, and be drawn to this kind of construction that will never be turned into ruins.                             – Paul Lipsett


Glory to God in the Highest

As I walk through the streets of Helsinki on a Monday evening, I catch myself being mesmerized by the work of God in my life.