Yana, Sweden and Finland


God Makes a Way

God will mast-grand-hotelke a way when there seems to be no way. One year, at Missions Night of the Convention in Baltimore, there was a country flag on each seat.  We were asked to find out about the ministry in that country, to pray for that country and to go and visit there. I got a flag of Sweden. It took a few years until finally this July I got to go there. July 15-18 was 40th year anniversary celebration of the Greater Grace Church in Stockholm. It was in a marvelous place at Grand Hotel in Saltsjöbaden, near the first team house. Visitors came from the USA, Canada, Oman, India, Israel, Finland, England, France, Hungary, Russia, and other places. Alekseejev family hosted 12 Russians in their home. I was privileged to share a room with Heidi.



The Gospel Joy

We heard great messages, video presentations with people around the world who had been part of the team at different times. A lot of laughter and jokes and gourmet food! There were times of outreach and sketchboard at Kungsträdgården park. It was a great joy to share the Gospel together with the Body of Christ. Some people would stop and listen. There were few who stayed longer with us. Divine appointments ordained by God; such as a family from Oman touring Stockholm for a week. They got to talk to Afra, an Omani, who was at our conference. They found out that they do not live far from each other in Muskat! Eccl. 11:1 “Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.”

Outreach, Art and Kiljava


Then, on July, 19th it was a Greater Grace exodus from Sweden to Finland. We had a day of outreach with sketchboard at the Esplanadi Park in Helsinki. That afternoon we went to the opening of Pastor Matti’s art exhibition.  For the extended weekend, we went to the annual Summer Days conference in Kiljava.



That Saturday, we took a bus to a nearby town for outreach where the Finnish youth group performed a concert. It was an opportunity to share Gospel there. God had divine appointments all the way for us: Pastor Arm from Thailand got to share with some Vietnamese people, Evi got to share in Chinese to the Chinese, and Seva from Baku and I got to share in Russian to a Ukrainian couple.

All Year Around

At midnight raps heard aboutreaching all Europe with the message over the radio, planning a mission trip to Norway and Denmark in the fall. So, harvest doesn’t stop in the summer, it continues all year around. The harvest truly is plenteous. by Yana Bravaya, mbcs graduate


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