Three Short Days in Brussels


Know and Follow

In one of his daily devotionals, Pastor Stevens wrote the imperative, “Know what you have heard and follow the voice.”  I knew God told me to “go” this summer on one of the many trips being planned, but I did not know where or why.  Work and other circumstances narrowed it down to only one possibility, so I knew that was the door God wanted me to walk through.

A life that was changed

I arrived in Brussels, Belgium the day after the rest of the team led by Pastor Gary Groenewold got there and just a little before the group from the Paris church joined us.  We were a group of 25 or more praying for Brussels, then we took to the “walking street” a few blocks away.  At one point in the evening, Pastor Gary was having a conversation with a young Belgian man named David and a young woman with him.  I was with them, quiet but praying.  David’s life was changed that night and the woman, his sister Shirley, was greatly encouraged by this encounter.


Street Market and more

The next morning we went to a nearby street market, and as we were praying together before soul-winning, a young Christian man, Alexander, asked if he could join us!  He spent the hour with us speaking to people and then joined us for a very long lunch, as you might imagine with a group of 25-30 in a restaurant.  He joined us again the following night as the very first Greater Grace church service was held in Brussels on August 11, 2016.



Most Belgians we spoke with were content to stay in their humanistic viewpoints and prided themselves on having “open minds”, however there were also some open hearts that heard about Jesus, some for the first time.  There was a group of three friends, young college guys from France who generously offered their frites (French fries that Brussels is so “famous” for) to us when asked if they tasted good.  They did, so many of our group went into the shop to buy some!  I spoke with the only English speaker of the three for quite a long time, almost an hour, sharing the gospel.  His friend spoke no English but could understand a little.  He wanted to know why I would talk to total strangers on the street about Jesus.  He just couldn’t understand why.  At that moment, I was joined by Edwige from the Paris church who was able to explain things to him in French.  Despite all the interruptions and the noise on the street, two of these three young men engaged in an unforgettable conversation that will stay with them forever.  May God bless Alexand and Colter.  Please pray that He would bring them both to a saving knowledge and understanding of Himself.

There were so many others too, in those three short days.  It’s been made obvious that Brussels so desperately needs Christ and the message of His saving grace.  Yes, this place is “Where” God called me to go this summer.  I may never fully know “Why.”  Why me?  Lives were changed, people were touched, seeds were planted and others were watered.  Some were encouraged; some were saved who were lost.  I have been so privileged to be a part of what God had planned for this corner of Belgium this summer.  How awesome is He! by Angina Whipp, mbcs graduate