Glad to Be a Teacher


Preaching and Teaching

This morning I attended a meeting for pastors serving in the Greater Seoul area. It was hosted by Pastor Mike Miller of the Uijeongbu Community Church. One gentleman, a retired colonel in the Korean army, shared about his ministry to soldiers which has an international impact. Another Korean pastor spoke about his work running a shelter for North Korean refugees and bringing North Koreans to Christ. Interestingly, his testimony is that it is the life of the Body of Christ lived out day to day that makes an impact on the refugees and draws them to want to know more about Jesus Christ. The third speaker was an Ethiopian pastor who lives in Korea and his vision for his native country and the parallels he sees between Ethiopia and North Korea. We ate lunch together afterward and had a great time of fellowship.

Kor con 6


This past week, I visited with a Korean missionary friend living in the Philippines. He told me that a Filipino businessman with a vision for Christian education purchased a Catholic school, changed it to a Christian school, and wanted my missionary friend to help run it. My friend asked me if I would be willing to come visit the school sometime and speak to the staff, perhaps do some professional development for them. I plan to go and help when I can, just as I plan to return to China and help when I can. One of my Korean doctor friends keeps asking, “When are you going to start a Christian school here in Korea?” God only knows if that will ever happen, but it seems that Christian education can be an opportunity for ministry all over Asia.


I have been encouraged as I prepare for my Bible college class, because I am realizing like never before that Jesus was a teacher. I don’t know why this idea never struck me before, but this past two weeks have impressed upon me that the Savior of the world, the Son of God, was called rabbi – teacher – and the disciples were students along with the multitudes who flocked to hear him speak. What a high and holy calling it is to be a teacher like our Master Teacher, Jesus Christ! Suddenly I am very glad to be a teacher. I am thrilled to be here in classrooms using the gifts and training God has given to me.

Thank you for praying for me and supporting me in this mission! God bless you in your mission too. ~ Dan Dunbar