a Great Summer


I just returned to Budapest from a great summer spent mostly in Baltimore. It was great to be with friends and family, this was actually the first time that I spent a prolonged period of time in Maryland since I moved to Hungary in 2013.

Camp Life Europe

I left the USA earlier than usual so I could make it to CampLife Europe. Wow. It was amazing.

There were a few students from GGIS; and about 80-90 young people altogether. We had sports and games, and also great worship, prayer, and times in the Word.

One Korean boy came with us who was not a Christian, but by the end of the week accepted Christ as his Savior. Incredible!

Dasha, a student at GGIS, and Rae, a camper from America. 
Botifrom Miskolc, a countryside of Hungary. I was glad to get to know him as I have seen him and his family over the years, but never really made a connection with them.

Overall, while my time in America was shorter this year, I am so glad I was able to go to Camp Life. I remember the times I spent as a camper were life changing and I know that CampLife Europe is still changing lives today.

Thank you so much to all who had a part in putting it together, Pastor Love, Pastor Pete, the Romanians who hosted it, and all those who laid down their lives to make the camp possible.

I am looking forward to another great year in GGIS as I return to work next week.

If you think of it, please keep me in your prayers. – Jon Cook