Abiding in Your Calling


I’m Back!

I am back in Budapest after a great summer!

I was in the United States for about six weeks. I was able to attend the GGWO International Convention, then headed up to New York to see my family. It was very relaxing and great to see everybody. I also had the opportunity to be in a dear friend’s wedding. This past weekend, my friends, Tim and Myriah, their baby Agnes, and I took a drive to Slovenia about six hours away where we saw some beautiful mountains and beaches. It was nice but no one can stay on vacation forever!

The Calling

I have been thinking this summer about finding and abiding in your calling. Some people may not know what I mean by that and that’s ok. It’s just knowing what God wants you to do and doing it. Jonah knew what God wanted him to do and refused to do it. He eventually came around and had great fruit but still didn’t want to do what God said. I wonder how many times I have known that God was telling me to do something but I refused. I think maybe a lot.

However, when I actually do listen to God and start to walk in my calling, I find that it’s the greatest possible thing I could do. For now, I am called to teach in a tiny school in Hungary and work with a Korean youth group. This summer, even though it was relaxing, and it was nice to see everyone, I knew what my calling was and it wasn’t to live in the U.S. I couldn’t wait to get back to Budapest and continue to see what God will do. I pray that this year will be incredible. I don’t know what is in store, but I know that I am where I am supposed to be right now.

“Let every man abide in the same calling wherein he was called.” I Corinthians 7:20

It’s a short newsletter this time but there is going to be a lot happening in the next month! Thank you for all of your continued prayer and support. Walk in your calling!

Jon Cook