Adventures in Budapest


Greetings from Budapest!Colby kids

We thank you for your continued prayers, and are excited to share some of what God has been doing recently in our family’s life. It is a great privilege to walk with God in a new and unfamiliar place. There are so many lessons to learn, and so many ways we see Him loving us personally.

Hungary is a special place. It’s history is remarkable, and its people deep. When we ride the tram to school each day, we see faces, reminders of the past and the future. Many older people have endured great hardship – we hear it in their voices, and see it in their sad expressions. Others are young and passionate, and convinced there is a better life for them somehow, somewhere.

We walk step by step in faith. Some days are harder than others… but God meets us. He always does. He speaks to the depths of our hearts… He fills us, so we can pour out again – on the tram, in the school, to our neighbors.

Our hearts are full as we continue to grow in our walks with God. We are so thankful that you are on this journey of faith with us.[bctt tweet=” Your prayers carry us! There are times when we have felt them in a very real way.”] Your prayers carry us! There are times when we have felt them in a very real way. We can not thank you enough.

This news is a little peek into a few things that we’ve been involved with in the last couple of months. It’s so difficult to narrow it all down. Thanks for your prayers and support!

The World comes to Budapest

As you have probably seen in recent news, Europe has experienced a unique and challenging time, as there are tens of thousands of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and other war-torn countries seeking asylum and a better life within her borders.

When we returned to Budapest this summer, we were shocked to see the main train stations lined with refugee families, sleeping on mats. A park near the Keleti train station was full of these people, living under the trees, sharing six port-a-pots among hundreds of men, women, and children.

Each person had his own story to tell. There are too many to recount here, but we were deeply moved by each one. The church, among other charitable organizations, sent teams out weekly to provide food, diapers, water, and other essential items to those in need. Most importantly, though, we brought something that money can not buy; something that requires no committee or organization or donations. We brought hope. We brought Jesus Christ.

A friend provided us with a few hundred micro-chip cards that held the Jesus movie in Arabic and Farsi, and Bibles in the same languages. Although connecting with people with spoken language was a challenge, they were able to see the Gospel because of these awesome little bits of technology!

Now the laws in Hungary have changed, and the Budapest train stations are no longer “Transit Zones.” While the refugee situation in Europe is far from over, this brief window of opportunity for our family’s involvement has come to an end. We believe that many seeds were planted, and pray that as these dear people continue on their way, that God would continue to water and provide sunshine for His glory. We were honored to touch and minister in this way, and are so thankful for the hand of God in the midst of a tumultuous season.

Mom’s Bible Study

This has been an incredible thing; such a gift for me as a mom. A friend and fellow team member started to open her home for a Bible study for Moms a few months ago, and it has grown to be more than we could have ever imagined. We have experienced amazing times of refreshing, and we have been extra blessed, because it has also turned into an outreach to many moms from Greater Grace International School.

On any given week, we have moms from Hungary, Korea, Japan, Albania, and the USA. So many cultures with a wide variety of parenting styles and ways of thinking. We have very few things in common, but one thing is for sure — God has brought us together, and that He is speaking to us every week. We alternate weekly between a Beth Moore study on 1 and 2 Thessalonians called “Children of the Day,” and a time we call “Mom Share,” when we have a live speaker share on a theme. We are moved by this opportunity to share and grow together in the simplicity of the love of God for us personally, and for our families. Please pray for me, as I have been asked to share once a month at this study.

I believe that God has great wisdom for us in these days. We are humbled to be a part of something so amazing.


A vision that we have during our time in Budapest is that we could travel as much as possible. Our desire is to visit and encourage as many churches as our time and resources allow while we live in this perfect, central location. Getting around Europe is a piece of cake, and even Asia seems to be right around the corner.

Mike had the amazing opportunity to travel to Korea last August and to spend time with our dear friend Dan Dunbar in his adventures there. He traveled around the country, visiting several churches, meeting beautiful believers, and eating lots of new foods. He had a very special time, and experienced “in context” some things about Asian culture that have been helpful as we teach many Asian students at GGIS. We are so thankful that he was able to make this trip, and especially thankful to Dan for being such a great host!

The Gift of Music

Hope and Josiah have beepiano handsn given a tremendous gift here at GGIS – the gift of music! There is an amazing music program in the school, where they have the opportunity to learn a different instrument each year, as well as learning how to perform and use their God-given gifts. Their teacher, Mrs. Jee Young, has really gotten to know Hope, and sees something special in her. She has told us what a hard-working student she is, and how impressed she is with her diligence.

At the beginning of the school year, Mrs. Young came to us and asked if she could teach Hope piano once a week, during her lunch break. We were blessed beyond belief, because this is something we really wanted to do for Hope, but could not afford. Also, because we could not imagine a better teacher for Hope, as they have built a relationship of trust this year. We are thanking God for this opportunity, and so excited to see Hope blossom in her musical gifts.

-Nikki Colby