Albania News


Leading Teens Well

I turned the teen ministry over to my assistant, Vero. He has the energy and patience needed to lead the teens well, having come into the church at 16 years old himself. Now at 23 he is ready to lead. Already the ministry has seen growth and a fresh vision. 

Last July we brought 3 teens to Budapest for the first European Camp Life. It was a great opportunity for them to hear the Word of God from Pastor Love and Pastor Westera, as well as meet other Christian teens from around Europe. On our way home, we stopped by for the Sunday service with Pastor Tomas in Belgrade, Serbia.

Conference and Mission Travels

 We plan to have our 8th annual Mediterranean Conference in the north, please consider joining us.  After the conference we go on a mission trip. Last summer it was to Thessaloniki, Greece for three days of evangelism and making contacts for a possible future team. This year we hope to reach Bosnia, Montenegro, and possibly Croatia with the Gospel after our summer conference.

In early September a group of us met Pastor Tomas and some of his men in Skopje, Macedonia for a day of evangelism. There is a large Albanian population there, so we were able to do sketch-board and music as well as pass out Albanian tracts. In November, we traveled up to Zenta, Serbia to be with Pastor Kornel and his precious church. We had a wonderful time with him and his wife Ani, dear friends in the ministry.

Bible Training

As well as having t3 teens taking their first Bible College classes, we have 3 other new students taking classes for credit. I am teaching three live classes, some are also taking video classes, and others audio classes in Albanian for a total of 9 classes this semester.


2018 will be a year of changes for our family. Ruth will graduate from High School, and she plans to attend Maryland Bible College in the fall. We would like to take a short sabbatical in Baltimore and get her established.



We have had a vision for some time to start a small business that would employ people in the church so they could earn money and still be available for Bible College and outreaches. The larger vision is that the Balkans would be reached for the Gospel. Men and women would be trained up here, sent out, with teams making continual trips to support and encourage them.  


  • Pray for the men that are in the church, they are exceptional and are taking on many ministries and visions: Endri: 7 Footsteps, Tomi: University and In-reach ministries, Vero: Teens and Evangelism
    These men, as well as Saimir and Edmond, also share in the pulpit from time to time.
  • Pray for the new people that have come since the move to the new location; that they would know they are loved and to find their place in the Body.
  • Please pray for traveling mercies, we did a lot of trips throughout Albania and the Balkans using public transportation.
  • Pray, also, for the daily challenges of poor economy and daunting illnesses that our church members face.

 – Pastor Dennis Hulett